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Sand dryer

Sand and stone dryer is a common sand and stone drying equipment, which has a unique drying of quartz sand, river sand, river sand, mineral powder, coal slag, etc., with reliable operation, strong adaptability, high efficiency, large processing capacity and excellent hardness, and is widely used in the industry. This paper introduces the application, advantages and price of the equipment.

 Sand dryer

1、 Application of sand dryer

According to the working principle of single drum, sand drum, and so on, they can be divided into three types, i.e. single drum dryer, sand drum dryer and so on.

1. River sand: the internal temperature of sand and stone dryer can be reasonably controlled by computer to ensure that the river sand is well dried and the water content is low, so it can be used as better sand for construction and highway.

2. River pebble sand: after crushing, fine crushing and impurity removal by sand washing machine, the river gravel sand obtained will contain a large amount of water. Reasonable drying and dehydration by sand and stone dryer can save time and ensure good quality and considerable price.

3. Quartz sand: the dried and dehydrated quartz sand has stable chemical properties, without any damage to its composition. It is more wear-resistant and hard. It is widely used in glass, casting, ceramics, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry and other fields, with significant industrial value.

 Application of sand dryer

2、 Advantages of sand dryer

1. The structure, which is composed of revolving body and lifting plate, is more simple and compact with small volume and less land occupation after reasonable and scientific design;

2. The design of the lifting plate is novel and unique, which has the functions of guiding, lifting and current sharing, so as to make the materials contact with the drying heat source comprehensively and evenly, make full use of the heat energy, and improve the drying efficiency;

3. The operation parameters of the equipment are designed scientifically, and the coal consumption and power consumption are 25% - 35% lower than that of the general dryer;

4. Installation of dust and noise reduction system to eliminate all dust and noise pollution;

5. PLC automation design, easy to master the temperature of drying cylinder, simple operation, better.

 Advantages of sand dryer

3、 Price analysis of sand and stone dryer

Sand and stone dryer price, this is the investment user is more concerned about the topic, how much is a gravel dryer? Each manufacturer will give a different quotation, because each manufacturer's production mode, workmanship, material selection, geographical location and so on are not the same, so the cost of production equipment is different, and the transportation cost is different, which will naturally cause the price difference. As a dryer manufacturer, Hongxing produces high-quality, high-yield, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection sand and stone dryer. At the same time, the price is very economical and affordable. It is set for middle and low-level consumer groups, and it is more cost-effective to purchase. If you want to know the detailed quotation of the equipment, you can consult the Red Star Sales Manager online at any time.

 Price of sand dryer

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