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How much is the quoted price of briquette dryer?

Briquette dryer is the key equipment for briquette drying and dewatering. It has novel structure, high yield and high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and high degree of automation. It has reached the international level in terms of index, and is loved and affirmed by users. How much is the price of briquette dryer? This article will give you a detailed analysis:

  Briquette dryer

1、 What factors affect the price of briquette dryer?

1. Manufacturer

There are not a few domestic briquette dryer manufacturers. Various well-known and unknown manufacturers are mixed together, which brings customers more options. However, the equipment prices set by different manufacturers are also different. Large manufacturers have strong equipment guarantee, openness and justice, and the equipment processing given is more reliable. It is recommended to purchase.

2. Size and model

There are various types of briquette dryers, including Φ 2.2 × 12, Φ 2.4 × 14, Φ 2.6 × 24, and Φ 3.6 × 28. The output ranges from 1.9t to 76t per hour. Customers can choose according to their actual needs. At the same time, the output of different types of equipment is different, the volume and weight are different, and the cost of materials and labor is different, so the price is naturally different. The larger the model, the higher the capacity and the more expensive the price.

 Model of briquette dryer

3. Regional division

Domestic manufacturers of the equipment are distributed in various cities, including Henan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Hubei, etc. the price level of each city is different. Generally, the equipment price of Henan manufacturers is relatively low. Because of convenient transportation, low consumption, numerous manufacturers and fierce competition, the price of briquette dryer should be relatively preferential compared with other cities.

4. The difference between the old and the new

The briquette dryers on the market are divided into two categories: new type and second-hand equipment. Generally, the price of brand-new equipment is higher than that of second-hand equipment. However, the former has better use, efficiency, production capacity and service, and the latter bears a larger use. It is likely that the parts of the equipment are aging seriously and have little use value, because it is recommended to purchase new equipment and use it more reliably.

 Briquette dryer manufacturer

2、 Quotation consultation of briquette dryer

How much is the price of briquette dryer? How about the quotation? We know that different manufacturers, different regions, different models of equipment price level is not the same, red star machine production drying, building materials and other equipment for more than 30 years, with rich experience, to ensure the quality of production equipment It is an excellent briquette drying equipment with high efficiency, high yield, energy saving, consumption reduction, green and environmental protection. The key is that the equipment quotation is also more favorable than the same equipment in the industry. At present, Hongxing briquette dryer is not only widely used in various domestic processing fields, but also sold well in more than 80 countries such as Singapore, Australia, India, Indonesia and so on. If you want to know the specific quotation of briquette dryer, you can consult the company's sales manager online at any time.

 Quotation of briquette dryer

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