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New energy saving dryer new trend of domestic drying equipment

dryer It is the main equipment for drying and dehydrating all kinds of water-bearing materials. In response to the domestic green environmental protection production and harmonious mine construction plan, the major mining equipment processing plants introduced foreign innovation and combined with traditional technology to design and produce a new type of energy-saving dryer, which has high efficiency, energy-saving, pollution-free and low-noise

 New energy saving dryer

1、 Application field of new energy saving dryer

The function of the new energy-saving dryer is to remove the excess water in the materials, also known as the dryer. It is composed of rotating body, lifting plate, transmission device, support device and sealing ring. The materials that can be dried include coal slime, desulfurization gypsum, slag, sludge, clay, metal concentrate, cement clinker, etc., which are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mineral processing, etc Multi domain.

 Application field of new energy saving dryer

2、 Advantages of new energy saving dryer

1. The structure design is simple and the floor area is small, which is convenient for the overall construction of the equipment, saving about 15% of the initial investment cost, and more convenient operation and maintenance at the same time;

2. "Coal, electricity and gas" can be used as heat sources respectively, with high thermal efficiency and large processing capacity. The output can be increased by at least 60% with full utilization of thermal efficiency;

3. Good internal structure design can promote the linear contact between the supporting roller and the rolling ring, effectively reduce the wear of parts and power consumption, and save 75% of kinetic energy every year;

4. The internal part of the drying cylinder has certain cleaning and heat conduction functions, which can effectively eliminate the sticking phenomenon inside the cylinder and ensure the drying operation to be more stable and efficient;

5. Installation of dust, noise and other advanced equipment to avoid dust, noise and other pollution, good green production;

6. The feeding is uniform and quantitative, and the bad phenomena such as blockage, discontinuity and return are eliminated. The equipment can run well without fault for a long time.

 Advantages of new energy saving dryer

3、 Price consultation of new energy saving dryer

How much is the price of new energy-saving dryer? Each manufacturer will have different quotation information, because each manufacturer's production process, material selection, sales form, etc. are different. Generally, the equipment prices given by large direct selling manufacturers will be more affordable and economical, because there is no middleman to earn the difference. In addition, the equipment prices in Henan are generally lower than those in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shanxi and other cities, because Henan not only has convenient transportation Through the transportation route, at the same time, the consumption level is slightly lower, and the human, material and land resources are rich, so the price level is slightly lower.

 Price of new energy saving dryer

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