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Price of large slime dryer

Slime dryer is an essential core drying equipment in the production process of secondary utilization of coal slime. It can crush and disperse the slime first, and then use heat to dry it After drying, the moisture content of slime can be reduced to 12%. It is widely used in briquette processing, and can also be used as additive in brick factory, cement plant, chemical raw material, etc. So what is the price of a large slime dryer? For your analysis and introduction:

 coal slime dryer

1、 Price trend analysis of large coal slime dryer

Large scale slime dryer refers to the slime drying equipment with models of Φ 3.0 × 20, Φ 3.0 × 25 and Φ 3.6 × 28. Its capacity is generally in the range of 30.1-37.7t/h, 37.7-47.1t/h, 60.8-76.0t/h, etc. compared with some small and medium-sized slime dryers, the price is naturally slightly higher. At the same time, customers should also know that the economic price created by such slime dryer for users can be realized Small and medium-sized equipment can not be ignored. At present, the price trend of the equipment is mainly affected by the following factors:

1. Reputation of manufacturers

There are many large-scale slime dryer manufacturers at home and abroad, and each manufacturer is different. For example, the price of foreign large products is generally higher than that of domestic ones. On the one hand, the performance of the equipment may be more advanced; on the other hand, more import and export taxes and higher transportation costs are needed to purchase the equipment. Generally, customers are advised to buy domestic well-known manufacturers' equipment, because the process and equipment quality are no less than foreign products, and the price is more fair, and the purchase is more reliable.

 Slime dryer manufacturer

2. Size of equipment model

As mentioned above, there are many models of large-scale slime dryer. The capacity, machine weight and volume of each model of equipment are different, and the configuration of various parts will also be different. The manufacturing costs of equipment in production will also be different, so the prices will naturally vary.

3. How users buy

In the Internet age, manufacturers use a variety of sales forms. If customers purchase equipment online, the price will be more favorable, because the manufacturer will save a lot of staff, site rent and other expenses, but at the same time, online purchase must bear certain, not directly contact with the equipment, customers also need more investigation and consultation.

 Model of slime dryer

2、 How much is a large slime dryer?

How much is a large slime dryer? What's the price? Hongxing machine is a dryer manufacturer. There are all kinds of large slime dryers of various models and types, which are guaranteed, advanced in structure, exquisite, efficient and energy-saving, and the price is more economical and affordable. For specific equipment quotation, you can consult Red Star Sales Manager online, and you will have a comprehensive large slime dryer quotation.

 How much is a slime dryer?

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