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Which dryer is better for drying clay?

Clay, with good plasticity, adhesion, thixotropy, etc., can be used to make ceramics, bricks, tiles, etc., so what kind of clay is used for drying dryer Better? Many clay processors have raised similar questions. In recent years, after in-depth study and analysis of the properties of raw materials, the industry has produced a clay dryer, which is used for drying and calcining clay, and has good performance.

 Clay dryer

1、 Structure and application of clay dryer

Clay dryer is designed on the basis of traditional industrial dryer and combined with clay characteristics. It is usually composed of rotary body, lifting plate, transmission device, support device and sealing ring. When the equipment is redesigned, more advanced technology is integrated to make it have many functions such as guiding, equalizing flow and lifting materials, and drying clay is more reasonable and scientific.

 Structure of clay dryer

2、 Outstanding advantages of clay dryer

1. High output: targeted drying and dehydration, high efficiency, large processing capacity, output increased by at least 40% compared with conventional drying equipment;

2. Less fuel consumption: electricity, gas, coal and other heat sources can be used alternately to achieve greater utilization of heat energy and reduce energy consumption and waste;

3. Fully consider the production allowance: combined with foreign advanced concept design, fully reserve the production margin space, even if the customer's output has a small increase or decrease, there is no need to replace the equipment, so it is flexible to use;

4. Strong and durable: it adopts domestic wear-resistant and strong steel casting cylinder and other parts, which runs stably, has stronger overload resistance, and has better reliability and durability;

5. Environmental protection production: in the process of drying and dehydration, some pollution such as dust and noise are effectively controlled. High efficiency noise reduction and dust removal equipment are installed to add luster to environmental protection production.

 Advantages of clay dryer

3、 How much is the price of clay dryer?

So how much is a clay dryer? In the face of a wide range of manufacturers in the market, how should customers choose? First of all, it is necessary to choose the appropriate model of equipment that matches its own output and site. Because the production mode, casting technology and investment of various manufacturers are different, the equipment price will be a little higher because there are some dealers and middlemen in the market. In order to earn the difference and make profit from it, the price of the equipment will be slightly higher. As for the price of clay dryer? It is recommended that you consult the Red Star customer service for free, and the manufacturer will give you a more comprehensive equipment quotation, and ensure that the price is affordable and the quality is reliable, so that you can experience the super value purchase enjoyment!

 How much is the price of clay dryer?

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