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How much does a dryer cost?

dryer It is used in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields. It is used for drying some humidity or granular materials. It is suitable for river sand, iron ore, molybdenum ore, limestone, clay, etc. How much does a dryer sell at present? Red Star small editor summed up a few points for your reference.

 How much does a dryer cost?

1、 Influence of dryer manufacturer distribution on price

Domestic production of dryer equipment is mostly distributed in: Shandong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Henan; in contrast, Henan's economic level is low, workers' wages are not high, so the investment cost is not high, and then the price positioning is not too high; in addition, Henan is located in Zhongyuan Because of its superior geographical location, the development of highway and railway makes the transportation more convenient and saves the cost of transportation; therefore, the production cost of the manufacturer plays a decisive role in the price of the dryer; by comparison, the price preference of Henan dryer is more obvious.

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2、 Different manufacturers determine the price difference

Henan occupies the first place in the industrial field. There are agents, middlemen and direct selling enterprises. For agents and middlemen, these manufacturers raise their prices in order to earn extra profits; in addition, the middlemen make the prices uneven by reselling; while for direct-selling manufacturers, such as Henan Hongxing, which has a strong production team and personnel, they not only provide good service, but also offer economic and affordable prices

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3、 The imbalance of market supply and demand leads to price inequality

With the continuous development of some construction industry, it will promote the mass production of dryer equipment, which will make the market supply exceed the demand, and the price will be low. On the contrary, the demand of customers for equipment is large, and the demand in the market is greater than the supply, and the price will rise, causing the market to lose balance and the equipment prices are different.

4、 The equipment itself causes the price change

1. Capacity of dryer

In terms of specifications, the diameter of dryer ranges from 1.2 * 8.0m to 3.6 * 28m. The drying capacity of different diameter dryers is different, which leads to different prices.

2. There are differences on the device

There are many manufacturers of dryer equipment in the market, but whether the production equipment can be guaranteed is a matter worth considering. The dryer is composed of rotating body, lifting plate, transmission device, support device and sealing ring. Each part has a variety of parts. During the manufacturing process, some manufacturers use worn-out products or second-hand parts on the parts, so the price is cheaper than other manufacturers. Often, many customers only consider the price is cheap, and the manufacturer pays attention to it In contrast, Henan Hongxing is a company that adheres to the concept of "customer is God", sincerely honest, and makes products, not only passing the customs, but also the price is close to the people.

 How much is the dryer?

How much does a dryer cost? From the above analysis, we can know: different manufacturers, different production costs, etc., their prices are also different. As for the specific quotation of the dryer, you can consult Henan Red Star online for free. There are sales managers and personnel who can better answer your questions.

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