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coal slime dryer

Slime dryer, i.e. slime dryer, can dry sticky materials that can not be treated by ordinary drying equipment, which can reduce the moisture content in coal slime to less than 12% at one time. The dried slime can be used as fuel, which can solve the problems of resource occupation and environmental pollution caused by long-term stacking of slime. At the same time, its better economic value can be described as "more with one stone". What are the outstanding advantages of this equipment? How much is it? Here is an introduction.

 coal slime dryer

1、 Introduction to the structure of slime dryer

Slime dryer, which is the upgrade product of common drying equipment, integrates higher content and innovative technology. Its structure is composed of heat source system (hot blast stove, gas generator, boiling furnace), feeding system, conveying system, drying system, dust removal system, induced draft equipment and electrical control system.

 coal slime dryer

2、 Advantages of slime dryer

1. High thermal efficiency: Higher heat efficiency of the flue gas flows into the coal cylinder along with the high temperature, making full use of the coal dust;

2. The feeding is even and not blocked The feeding device is designed scientifically, which eliminates the phenomena of blocking, uneven and returning materials of common dryer. The feeding is smooth, continuous and not blocked, and the load of dust removal system is reduced by 60%;

3. Stable and reliable operation: The structure design is reasonable, the material selection is of high quality, and the principle of "zero horizontal thrust" is adopted to reduce the wear of supporting wheel by 75%, ensure the cylinder running more smoothly, and prolong the service life by about 2-3 times;

4. Water control is appropriate and good The automatic design can control the moisture and particle size of finished coal slime freely according to the user's requirements. The moisture content of coal slime after drying can be as low as 8%. The particle size control is more reasonable and the overall drying is better;

5. Less pollution, more energy saving and lower consumption There is no smoke, dust, noise and other pollution, because the design has more efficient and reasonable smoke and dust removal devices, and the annual energy consumption of coal and electricity is nearly 8.

 Advantages of slime dryer

3、 How much is a slime dryer?

How much is a slime dryer? Generally speaking, different manufacturers have different equipment, such as quality, workmanship, second-hand and first-hand equipment, and their equipment market quotation is not the same. Customers should investigate and compare in many ways to purchase high-quality and low-cost equipment.

1、 : The price of large slime dryer is generally slightly higher, because the manufacturer is strong, the production equipment, performance, service and so on are guaranteed, the equipment cost is high, and the price will be higher than the ordinary equipment price.

2. Quality: The price of high-quality slime dryer will be more expensive than that of inferior or ordinary equipment, and the economic value to users will be more significant.

3. Workmanship: The more sophisticated the equipment is, the higher the investment, the higher the cost and capital, and the higher the price. On the other hand, the price created is also greater, and the environmental protection and energy conservation are more obvious.

4. Type: The price of new equipment is generally higher than that of second-hand equipment, because the second-hand equipment has been used after all, and the equipment, performance and service are not easy to understand, and may encounter more problems in the later use.

 How much is a slime dryer

In short, in a word, slime dryer is the ideal equipment for slime dewatering processing. Its structure is simple and its advantages are outstanding. If you want to buy a slime dryer with higher cost performance, it is recommended to choose red star machine. The manufacturer's equipment is guaranteed, the price is affordable, and the purchase is more cost-effective!

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