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How about the new dryer used in mining industry?

The general performance and use of the traditional dryer are often not up to the user's requirements. Comparatively speaking, the new dryer is equipped with a rotating drum, the inner cylinder is driven by belt, and there is hot air around the drum to evaporate water. How about the new dryer in the mining industry for drying some wet slag? Whether we can achieve the ideal, we must have doubts. Now we have a small editor to analyze in detail with you.

 New dryer

1、 Difference between new dryer and traditional dryer

1. The traditional dryer heats the ambient air and transports it to the drum. The hot and humid air is removed, leaving the dry air to continue drying. The traditional design does not recover heat, so it is very inefficient.

2. The new dryer does not dry by hot air, but heats the materials in the drum to 100 ° C to produce hot and humid water vapor; after the water vapor escapes from the drum, it is collected and compressed; under the effect of pressure, water vapor liquefies and releases heat, and then the heat generated is sent back to the drum, so that the heat can be recycled Its efficiency can reach twice of the traditional dryer, and the drying time can be reduced to half of that of the traditional dryer. This new type of dryer can not only dry some slag with high humidity, improve the accuracy, but also increase the output, which is more efficient than the traditional dryer, and is very good for mining industry.

 New dryer

2、 Red Star new dryer for mining industry better

Hongxing new dryer has good equipment, exquisite and good service. The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Good: Hongxing factory has been engaged in the mining industry for more than 30 years, and has rich experience. Whether it is the new dryer work or materials, it is more mature than some manufacturers engaged in mining industry. The equipment materials are of high precision and toughness, and the workmanship is exquisite. Therefore, the new dryer is of higher quality and can make greater contribution to the mining industry.

2. Adhering to the concept of "perfect and perfect equipment, more perfect and more innovative" than some enterprises.

3. Good service: Red Star integrates pre-sale, in-sales and after-sales; before sales, users can provide corresponding solutions according to their own requirements and needs, and the manufacturer will make equipment satisfactory to users according to the scheme required by users; during sales, it will accompany users to carry out equipment acceptance together Work, so that users can avoid worrying about whether the equipment supporting facilities are complete, but also to do everything in accordance with the customer, the customer first; after sales, not only provides free maintenance and debugging work, but also regularly consults the customer's use in the follow-up work, so as to ensure that each equipment can exert excellent quality and bring greater benefits to users.

 New dryer good

Generally speaking, Red Star new dryer equipment is playing a better role in the mining industry. For more information, you are welcome to consult online for free at any time. Here are 24-hour customer service to reply your questions in time.

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