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How much is a dryer with an hourly output of 30t?

dryer As the name implies, it is a special equipment for drying and dehydrating some water containing materials. There are many models and specifications, and the production capacity is also uneven. Recently, many users have quoted prices for dryers with a production capacity of about 30t. In view of this, Hongxing Xiaobian will briefly introduce the following for you in combination with the actual situation:


1、 Brief introduction of 30t dryer

There are many kinds of dryers for daily production of 30t, and the selection is more appropriate. Here we recommend two types of dryers: Φ 2.6 × 24 and Φ 3.0 × 20. Their capacity is close to each other, and the hourly capacity can reach about 30t. It is widely used in the drying treatment of kaolin, lignite, sludge, concentrate, desulfurization gypsum, river sand, slag and other materials.

1. Φ 2.6 × 24 dryer: the material volume that the cylinder can hold shall not exceed 127.4t, the power of main motor is 55kW, the total weight of body is 73t, and the output per hour is between 27.2 and 34.0t;

2. Φ 3.0 × 20 dryer: the volume of material that the cylinder can hold shall not exceed 141.3t, the power of main motor is 75kW, the total weight of body is 85t, and the output per hour is between 30.1-37.7t.


2、 Price analysis of 30t dryer

So how much is a dryer with a capacity of 30t? The equipment price given by each manufacturer may have certain deviation, because the equipment, old and new, etc., will affect the price setting.

1. There are many dryers in the market, including foreign and domestic ones. Affected by the effect, the price of large equipment will be slightly higher, and the performance of the equipment will also be higher.

2. : the direct factor that determines the price of the dryer is that the better it is, the better the material is, the higher the price will be, the lower the cost and the greater the profit.

3. Old and new: for the same type of dryer, the price difference between brand-new and second-hand equipment is relatively large, because second-hand equipment will have depreciation, life, performance, after-sales are not as good as new equipment, and the price will naturally be lower.

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3、 Quotation consultation of 30t dryer produced by Hongxing time

Henan Hongxing machine is a dryer manufacturer. The types of dryers are various, solid and reliable, with better performance and better service. At the same time, the price is also relatively economical. Compared with other manufacturers in the market, the price is about 1-5 cheaper. However, affected by the dryer model, the price of each equipment is not fixed. If you want to know the specific equipment quotation, please call the Red Star Sales Manager for free at 0371-67772626.

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