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The new dryer initiated by environmental protection is more concerned by users

The new dryer is one of the main products in the current market. The high-quality drying equipment designed and produced in accordance with the needs of users by introducing foreign innovative ideas, combining with domestic environmental protection and low-carbon calls, has more advantages in both performance and performance than the old version of ordinary dryer, and is more concerned by users in the market environment under the environmental protection advocacy!

 New dryer

1、 New dryer environmental protection production more adapt to the development of the times

1. Less dust: change the traditional design scheme, adopt a more novel drying system design, reduce the external exhaust air volume, smoke and dust flying out, and equip with efficient dust collector to reduce dust pollution

2. Low noise: the noise elimination and noise reduction device designed in combination with German advanced concept can control the noise of equipment operation within a reasonable range, and the motor device is equipped reasonably, with almost no running noise;

3. Lower carbon: the air swept coal mill is selected to provide pulverized coal fuel for the equipment, with high quality and less energy consumption. The drying cylinder is set scientifically, and the heat energy is fully utilized to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon.

 New dryer environmental protection

2、 More advantages of new dryer in the market

1. Good: scientific and reasonable forward flow drying method, high thermal efficiency, controllable drying, moisture content of finished materials can be reduced to less than 8%, particle size control is simple, and the whole is better;

2. Easy to operate: the structure design is simple, the operation and installation are convenient, the feeding blockage, discontinuity and uneven phenomenon are eliminated, and the operation is more stable and convenient;

3. It is reliable, strong and durable, with few faults in use and easy to maintain. It can reduce the cost by about 80%.

 Advantages of new dryer

3、 The new dryer is more popular with customers because of its low price

The price of the new dryer has an obvious advantage, which has become one of the reasons to attract customers. Compared with the general traditional dryer, its price did not rise too much, in general, the performance price ratio will be higher. However, due to the different production methods, equipment and sales forms of various manufacturers in the market, there will be certain differences in equipment quotation. When customers purchase equipment and understand the price, it is recommended that more than one manufacturer's equipment with more affordable prices be inspected.

 New dryer is affordable

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