High efficiency dryer for wet iron powder dehydration


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High efficiency dryer for wet iron powder dehydration

High efficiency dryer is an upgrade product of traditional drying equipment. It is a new type of dehydration equipment which absorbs European innovative technology, combines with the production demand of users and integrates the concept of "high efficiency and environmental protection". It can be said that it is a icing on the cake to help iron concentrators improve their income and get higher quality iron ore fines. What are the advantages of the device? What is the model selection space? We will try our best to introduce the analysis to you

 Efficient dryer

1、 Efficient dryer is more effective in treating wet iron powder

Why is it that the high-efficiency dryer is the icing on the cake for the dehydration of wet iron powder? The reason is that it is a powerful and high-quality dryer. In terms of workmanship, it is designed more in accordance with the current market demand, and integrates many innovative technologies, which can reduce the wet iron powder (iron concentrate) from 20% of the initial water to less than 8%, with high drying efficiency, stable operation, good control, and more effective treatment of wet iron powder.

 High efficiency dryer

2、 More outstanding advantages of high efficiency dryer

1. It has high level, more efficient and flexible operation than the general dryer. It has automatic configuration. It can easily control the temperature in the drying cylinder through the computer terminal, and better grasp the dehydration of wet iron powder;

2. In view of the design of materials with high water content and viscosity, many foreign innovative processes are integrated to treat the wet iron powder better, so as to ensure the fine quality and high application value of the dehydrated iron ore powder;

3. More than 75% of the equipment specification, long service life, long service life without failure;

4. The system of dust removal and dust removal is good. The dust removal and dust free production can promote the environmental protection and green low-carbon dehydration operation, which conforms to the national environmental protection policy.

 Advantages of high efficiency dryer

3、 There are many models of high efficiency dryer

As for the output and model selection of high-efficiency dryer, manufacturers generally provide a variety of models and styles for more investment users to choose and better meet the production needs. Here, taking the high-efficiency dryer model of Red Star manufacturer as an example, the detailed parameter information of different models of equipment is listed for your reference.

Cylinder volume
Installation slope
Intake air temperature
Main motor
Total weight
Φ1.2×8.0 nine 1.9-2.4 3-5 700-800 seven point five nine
Φ1.2×10 eleven point three 2.4-3.0 3-5 700-800 seven point five eleven
Φ1.5×12 twenty-one point two 4.5-5.7 3-5 700-800 fifteen eighteen point five
Φ1.5×14 twenty-four point seven 5.3-6.6 3-5 700-800 fifteen nineteen point seven
Φ1.5×15 twenty-six point five 5.7-7.1 3-5 700-800 fifteen twenty point five
Φ1.8×12 thirty point five 6.5-8.1 3-5 700-800 eighteen point five twenty-one point five
Φ1.8×14 thirty-five point six 7.6-9.5 3-5 700-800 eighteen point five twenty-three
Φ2.2×12 forty-five point six 9.7-12.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-three point five
Φ2.2×14 fifty-three point two 11.4-14.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-six
Φ2.2×16 sixty point eight 13.0-16.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-eight
Φ2.4×14 sixty-three point three 13.5-16.9 3-5 700-800 thirty-seven forty-five
Φ2.4×18 eighty-one point four 17.4-21.7 3-5 700-800 thirty-seven forty-nine
Φ2.4×20 ninety point four 19.3-24.1 3-5 700-800 forty-five fifty-four
Φ2.4×22 ninety-nine point five 21.2-26.5 3-5 700-800 forty-five fifty-eight
Φ2.6×24 one hundred and twenty-seven point four 27.2-34.0 3-5 700-800 fifty-five seventy-three
Φ3.0×20 one hundred and forty-one point three 30.1-37.7 3-5 700-800 seventy-five eighty-five
Φ3.0×25 one hundred and seventy-six point six 37.7-47.1 3-5 700-800 seventy-five ninety-five
Φ3.2×25 two hundred and one 42.9-53.6 3-5 700-800 ninety one hundred and ten
Φ3.6×28 two hundred and eighty-five 60.8-76.0 3-5 700-800 one hundred and sixty one hundred and thirty-five

The above table shows that there are differences in size, output and motor power of different models of high-efficiency dryers, and there are also differences in their prices. According to the actual capital situation, site scale, production needs and other comprehensive comparison, customers should ensure that the selection of equipment can better adapt to production, so as to ensure that they can create more for manufacturers.

 Many models of high efficiency dryer

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