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Can the new slime dryer adapt to environmental protection?

Under the call of the new era of environmental protection, all fields began to constantly update, innovation and intelligent manufacturing, especially the mining machinery industry, is trying to produce updated high-quality equipment, the traditional dryer processing slime has been difficult to meet the production standards, so the production of new slime dryer, gradually recognized by the market, can better adapt to environmental protection production!

 New slime dryer

1、 How the new coal slime dryer based on environmental protection market

Can the new slime dryer adapt to environmental protection? For the question raised by investment friends, here is your affirmative answer: it must be possible. After improved design and system upgrading, the structure and advantages of the new slime dryer have been transformed in an all-round way, not only the operating noise has been better controlled; in addition, the smoke, dust, sulfide and other pollution are almost "zero" emissions, the environmental protection production will be carried out to the end!

 New slime dryer

2、 Analysis of some investment prospects of new coal slime dryer

Compared with the traditional dryer in the past, first of all, the new slime dryer is targeted to a certain extent, which fully combines the cohesiveness and high water content of the slime itself, so as to avoid the blocking and sticking phenomenon in the drying process, and keep the dewatering operation stable; secondly, we know that the new type of coal slime dryer has a certain target It is more innovative and the process level is improved. It has the characteristics of higher efficiency, large output, low cost, less energy consumption, no pollution, easy operation and long service life, and the overall economic benefits are particularly significant. In addition, the new coal slime dryer is more direct in dehydration, and can ensure that the useful components in the dried slime will not be damaged, improve the dewatering quality, and the automatic design makes the whole drying process more efficient Intelligent, easy to operate. In general, the investment prospect of the new slime dryer is particularly impressive!

 Investment prospect of new slime dryer

3、 Simple explanation of the price of new slime dryer

How much is the price of new slime dryer? There are a wide range of domestic equipment manufacturers, and the types, performance, etc. of the equipment are uneven, so how much is the price? This is related to the manufacturer's workmanship, profit, sales mode, management mode, geographical location, etc. Compared with the manufacturers in Henan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hubei and other cities, the price level of Henan manufacturers is lower, because there are many manufacturers and strong competition; consumption is low and prices are cheap; therefore, the equipment price is relatively low.

 New price slime dryer

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