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How much is a hot air dryer?

Hot air dryer is an efficient drying equipment designed for dehydration and drying of high humidity and high viscosity materials. It can dry materials with water content below 65% to 5% - 12% at one time. It has short operation time and high efficiency, and is highly valued and loved by industry users. How much is a hot air dryer? This article is a brief introduction.

 Hot air dryer

1、 Brief introduction of hot air dryer

Hot air dryer is a new type of material drying equipment. By adding air as the hot air source, it can reduce smoke pollution, clean and sanitary, and better meet the green production standard advocated by environmental protection. The equipment itself adopts ingenious wind tunnel design, reasonable temperature control, less wind pressure loss, fast feedback, durable, good overload protection effect, and the whole drying operation is faster and more effective. Due to its excellent performance, the equipment is widely used in the dehydration of sludge, clay, concentrate sand, river sand, sea sand, machine-made sand, rare earth, ore mud, gypsum and other materials.

 Hot air dryer

2、 Hot air dryer price overview

What about the price of hot air dryer? How about the market? There are numerous domestic equipment manufacturers. Due to different regional restrictions, production methods, business philosophy and management policies, the market price of equipment fluctuates, and the equipment price of each manufacturer is different. From the geographical division, the price of Henan hot air dryer manufacturers will generally be slightly lower than that of Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, etc.

1. Henan Province has a wide range of resources and low consumption, and the costs of labor wages, manufacturing materials and site leasing (Purchasing) are consumed in production;

2. There are many manufacturers and great competition in Henan Province. Each manufacturer shows his magic power to raise and lower the price to attract the attention of investment customers;

3. Henan's convenient transportation also reduces a lot of cost burden for equipment transportation, so the price is more favorable.

 Price of hot air dryer

3、 How much is a hot air dryer

How much is a hot air dryer? Looking at tens of thousands of mineral processing and building materials equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, the equipment prices of each manufacturer vary from one manufacturer to another. The one recommended here is the economical and affordable hot air dryer manufacturer. The quality of the equipment is excellent, and the price is economical and the after-sales service is perfect. It is trusted by users. What is the price of the equipment? Specific prices, you can call the Red Star Sales Manager, we provide you with more real equipment quotation, more affordable, welcome to contact us!

 How much is the hot air dryer

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