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Dryer is up to expectations

Introduction to dryer

dryer It plays a very important role in drying materials with high moisture content, which can effectively improve the comprehensive utilization rate of materials and reduce the waste of resources in the market. On the basis of advanced technology, the dryer has met the expectations, making the output and efficiency of the equipment reach a new high, ushering in a larger market in the market, favored by users. The following is a brief introduction to the dryer.


Application scope of dryer

The dryer is mainly composed of rotary body, lifting plate, transmission device and other parts. In operation, the dryer is applied in mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other departments. It can continuously and efficiently dry the materials with high water content such as river sand, copper ore, pyrrhotite, hematite, limestone and clay. The dried materials can meet the production needs of users and the production of equipment High efficiency.

 Applicable materials for dryer

High performance of dryer

1. On the basis of the leakage phenomenon of the equipment at home and abroad, the leakage of the equipment is ensured.

2. Compared with the traditional dryer, the effective volume of the cylinder is larger, and the built-in material dialing plate can lift and drop the materials, so the material handling capacity per unit time is higher and the production efficiency is higher.

3. The parameters of the equipment are reasonably optimized, which makes the energy consumption and power consumption of the equipment in operation lower than that of the general dryer by more than 20%, and the total cost of energy consumption of customers is lower.

4. More durable, using high wear-resistant, good compression resistance of raw materials, and raw materials of strong corrosion resistance, less wear in operation, longer life.

 Red Star dryer

Which dryer's price is lower

According to the data, more than 75% of the users are very concerned about the market quotation of the equipment when purchasing the equipment. Which of the many dryer manufacturers has the lower equipment price? Henan Hongxing machine manufacturer is recommended for users. This is not only because the equipment produced by the manufacturer has higher performance and wider applicability, but also because the dryer of various specifications and models provided by Hongxing machine manufacturer is very affordable, which can effectively reduce the total expenditure of users in production.

There are different models and sizes of dryers. The prices of dryers sold in the market are as low as several thousand and as high as tens of thousands. Different users process different materials and have different requirements for the output of the equipment. Therefore, the market price of the equipment required will be very different. Click "online consultation" and "Red Star" According to the user's production situation, we will select the right type of dryer for the user, and make a reasonable quotation for it.

 Large dryer manufacturers

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