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What are the benefits of investing in pebble sand machine?

Pebble sand making machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for sand making of pebble rock materials, which retains the tradition System sand machine The successful appearance of the equipment is especially suitable for sand making with cobble rock materials. Next, this paper will make a detailed analysis on the equipment knowledge of the pebble sand making machine, as follows:

 Pebble sand making machine

1、 Advantages of manufactured sand produced by river pebble

1. The finished product is excellent: after being processed by the pebble sand making machine, the finished product has good grain shape, mostly in cubic shape, and the fineness modulus is adjustable, which can be used in multi-level coordination reasonably. The material can completely replace the natural sand and become the sand for construction and other industries.

2. High output: under the same working efficiency, the cobble sand machine is 2-3 times of the traditional sand making machine, and consumes less energy, which can bring high benefits and save costs for enterprises.

3. Long service life: the pebble sand making machine breaks through the problems of easy wear and high maintenance rate of traditional sand making equipment. The important parts are made of wear-resistant materials with good toughness, thus greatly reducing the wear rate and prolonging the service life of the equipment.

4. Multi principle crushing: compared with the single material principle of traditional sand making machine, the pebble sand making machine can operate according to the two different principles of "stone striking stone" or "stone striking iron" according to the pebble material, which can make the material complete the sand making process and reduce the material waste.

5. Environmental protection and green production: the pebble sand making machine changes the traditional blast design, adopts the unique air self circulation system, reduces the external exhaust air volume and dust pollution, so as to be able to environmental protection and green sand making operation.

 Manufacturer of pebble sand machine

2、 What is the investment benefit of pebble sand making machine?

Cobble sand machine is a combination of traditional sand machine and foreign advanced Through the research, the equipment through the optimization of the deep cavity rotor, the use of nine hole rotor, increase the speed, so as to increase the amount of material at the feed inlet; in addition, after the wear of the peripheral guard plate, it is not necessary to replace a new guard plate, only turn up and down to use again, which can improve the utilization rate of equipment materials and increase the overall service life; moreover, in terms of time production capacity, the pebble sand making machine can 60-600t / h gravel sand production, so generally speaking, the pebble sand making machine has higher income than the traditional sand making equipment, and the investment prospect is very considerable.

 Red Star River pebble sand making machine

3、 How much is the investment in a cobble sand machine?

The price of pebble sand making machines with different production costs varies greatly , and the pebble sand machine under different purchase methods, the price is also different. How much to invest in a pebble sand machine, you can consult Henan Red Star customer service online for free. The manufacturer will have a 24-hour online pebble sand making machine sales manager to ask you real-time quotation, and guide you to choose the type of pebble. You are welcome to choose.

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