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Rotary kiln It is a calcining equipment composed of cylinder, kiln lining, transmission device, rolling ring and other parts. It is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other production industries. It has good calcination for limestone, cement clinker, bauxite and other materials. Rotary kiln can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgical chemical kiln, lime kiln, etc. due to different materials handled. With the increase of rotary kiln, there are more rotary kiln manufacturers in the market. Here we recommend the reliable rotary kiln manufacturer - Red Star machine for customers. The specific situation of the manufacturer is described in detail below.

 Rotary kiln

The reason why red star machine is trustworthy by customers


The manufacturer integrates the R & D, production and sales of rotary kiln, and introduces domestic advanced production in the R & D of the equipment to ensure the advancement of the equipment manufactured. In addition, the manufacturer has strict control on the equipment manufacturing to ensure that each type of equipment produced has a higher level.

2. Good service

High quality service is a favorable condition for customers to obtain more profits in production. In order to reduce customers' expenditure in production, the manufacturer recommends appropriate equipment for customers in the early stage according to the actual production situation of users; in the medium term, it carries out free door-to-door installation and debugging for the equipment purchased by customers, and conducts on-site installation and debugging for the equipment purchased by customers, and carries out on-site installation and debugging for the equipment purchased by customers In the later stage, we regularly remind customers of equipment maintenance, and do guidance for customers irregularly to ensure continuous and efficient operation of equipment in operation.

3. Large scale of manufacturers

Red Star manufacturers have a history of more than 30 years, from hundreds of floor space to tens of thousands now, the company from the original one to the present three, step by step, the manufacturers have experienced a lot, and also grow a lot, with more exquisite, advanced, production facilities are more complete, manufacturers occupy more and more important position in China.

 Rotary kiln manufacturer

Advantages of Red Star rotary kiln

1. The effective volume of the cylinder is large, and the amount of material processed per unit time is large.

2. In order to avoid the cold air entering the cylinder and the flue gas dust overflowing, the manufacturer strictly sealed the equipment, which reduced the energy consumption and improved the working environment of the equipment.

3. Reasonable design, compact structure, small total floor area, strong stability, more solid and durable equipment.

The rotary kiln provided by red star machine is advanced, reliable in performance, affordable in price and service. It can create considerable profits for the production of customers in the operation. Now the customers who call in not only enjoy the discount price, but also have greater surprise. Welcome to inquire.

 Red Star rotary kiln

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