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What are the types of dryers? What are the models?

dryer In mining, building materials and other industries, it can be used to dry materials with certain humidity and particle size, and can also be used for drying wet concentrate in mineral processing industry. In the market, there are many types of dryers and various models. What are the types of dryers? Next, this paper will give you a detailed analysis, as follows:


1、 What are the types of dryers and what are their applications?

Basically, the types of dryers can be roughly divided into: indirect heat transfer dryer, slime dryer and rotary dryer. The following is a brief analysis of different types of dryers

1. Indirect heat transfer dryer

In the process of moving the material into the lower end of the cylinder, the material enters into the lower end of the cylinder with the action of the heat transfer wheel, The equipment has an automatic control system, which can track the digital display, reduce the labor input, and save 20% - 30% of the investment compared with the ordinary drying equipment.

2. Slime dryer

The slime dryer is to disperse the wet slime with water content of 20% - 50% through special feeding, and then convey it to the feeder by the belt feeder, and then the wet slime is transported to the drying drum by the feeder. The coal slime is evenly dispersed in the drying drum and fully contacted with hot air under the rotation of the uniformly distributed plate reader in the drying drum, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

3. Rotary dryer

Rotary dryer is generally used to dry some granular materials, or paste like materials with high water content. Through spiral blades and intermittent spiral lifting plate, the materials can be dried.

 Dryer type

2、 What are the dryer models?

First of all, there are various types of dryers in the market, and there is not only one type and specification of dryers. Therefore, we need to consult the manufacturers of dryers. It is recommended that we consult some direct selling manufacturers with complete models. The dryers produced by these manufacturers are self-produced and sold, and can be customized according to the needs of users.

Cylinder volume
Installation slope
Intake air temperature
Main motor
Total weight
Φ1.2×8.0 nine 1.9-2.4 3-5 700-800 seven point five nine
Φ1.2×10 eleven point three 2.4-3.0 3-5 700-800 seven point five eleven
Φ1.5×12 twenty-one point two 4.5-5.7 3-5 700-800 fifteen eighteen point five
Φ1.5×14 twenty-four point seven 5.3-6.6 3-5 700-800 fifteen nineteen point seven
Φ1.5×15 twenty-six point five 5.7-7.1 3-5 700-800 fifteen twenty point five
Φ1.8×12 thirty point five 6.5-8.1 3-5 700-800 eighteen point five twenty-one point five
Φ1.8×14 thirty-five point six 7.6-9.5 3-5 700-800 eighteen point five twenty-three
Φ2.2×12 forty-five point six 9.7-12.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-three point five
Φ2.2×14 fifty-three point two 11.4-14.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-six
Φ2.2×16 sixty point eight 13.0-16.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-eight
Φ2.4×14 sixty-three point three 13.5-16.9 3-5 700-800 thirty-seven forty-five
Φ2.4×18 eighty-one point four 17.4-21.7 3-5 700-800 thirty-seven forty-nine
Φ2.4×20 ninety point four 19.3-24.1 3-5 700-800 forty-five fifty-four
Φ2.4×22 ninety-nine point five 21.2-26.5 3-5 700-800 forty-five fifty-eight
Φ2.6×24 one hundred and twenty-seven point four 27.2-34.0 3-5 700-800 fifty-five seventy-three
Φ3.0×20 one hundred and forty-one point three 30.1-37.7 3-5 700-800 seventy-five eighty-five
Φ3.0×25 one hundred and seventy-six point six 37.7-47.1 3-5 700-800 seventy-five ninety-five
Φ3.2×25 two hundred and one 42.9-53.6 3-5 700-800 ninety one hundred and ten
Φ3.6×28 two hundred and eighty-five 60.8-76.0 3-5 700-800 one hundred and sixty one hundred and thirty-five

indirect dryer

Tube diameter × length project Inner diameter of outer cylinder (mm) Inner diameter of inner cylinder (mm) Cylinder length (m) Cylinder volume (M3) Cylinder inclination Lifting plate type Intake air temperature (℃) Overall dimension (m)
Φ1.5×15m one thousand and five hundred five hundred fifteen twenty point two seven 3-5% Lift eight hundred and fifty 16.2×2.7×2.7
Φ1.5×17m seventeen twenty-two point nine seven 18.2×2.7×2.7
Φ1.5×19m nineteen twenty-five point six eight 20.0×2.9×2.9
Φ1.8×21m one thousand and eight hundred six hundred and fifty twenty-one thirty-five point nine one 3-5% Lift eight hundred and fifty 22.5×2.7×2.7
Φ1.8×23m twenty-three thirty-nine point three three 24.5×2.9×2.9
Φ1.8×25m twenty-five forty-two point seven five 26.5×2.9×2.9
Φ2.2×21m two thousand and two hundred eight hundred twenty-one fifty-eight point one zero 3-5% Lift eight hundred and fifty ----
Φ2.2×23m twenty-three sixty-three point six one
Φ2.2×25m twenty-five sixty-nine point one five

3、 Dryer manufacturer push

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