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What is the function of industrial rotary kiln?

Industry Rotary kiln It is mainly used in building materials, chemical industry and other industries for mechanical, physical and chemical treatment of solid materials. The question is what role does industrial rotary kiln play? Next, this paper analyzes this problem in detail as follows:

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1、 What are the industrial rotary kilns?

According to the external shape, industrial rotary kiln can be simply divided into variable diameter rotary kiln and diameter rotary kiln; according to its use, it can be divided into cement rotary kiln, limestone rotary kiln, etc.; however, no matter which kind of industrial rotary kiln is used in enterprise production, it can play a greater role and bring higher production benefits to enterprises.

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2、 What is the main role of industrial turnaround?

1. In building materials industry: industrial rotary kiln can be used to calcine cement clinker, clay, limestone, etc. and slag drying. When used in refractory materials, the size of equipment is stable and the strength is high. The materials can be processed again and then used in other production.

2. In mineral processing production: after some lean iron is magnetized and roasted in industrial rotary kiln, the original weak magnetic ore can be changed into strong magnetism, which is more conducive to the follow-up magnetic separation work.

3. Environmental protection: at present, there are no more than some waste and garbage that affect people's lives. If the industrial rotary kiln is not allowed to enter, these wastes and wastes can be harmless and reduced, and these wastes can be reused as fuel after being treated, so as to save resources and reduce environmental pollution.

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3、 How to operate industrial rotary kiln?

When the materials enter the kiln body and the industrial rotary kiln shrinks, the motor drives the drive device to move. The kiln body moves in a circle under the action of the pulley and the gear ring. The materials are first sent to the preheater for preheating, so that the materials mix with each other, and then enter the kiln body of the rotary kiln for heating treatment. Due to the inclination and slow rotation of the kiln barrel, the materials produce one, that is, along the circumference The compound movement of rolling and moving from high temperature to low end along the axial direction, the calcined materials are discharged from the kiln head out of the industrial rotary kiln, and then cooled to the required temperature by the cooler. The flue gas generated during the calcination process is treated by the dust collector and discharged into the air after reaching the standard.

The above is a simple analysis of the role of industrial rotary kiln. For the selection of industrial rotary kiln types, and the price of the equipment, you can consult Henan Hongxing customer service for free online. The industrial rotary kiln produced by the manufacturer has complete types and models, which can be selected by users. In addition, the manufacturer can make it according to the production requirements of users, so as to guarantee the quality We are very satisfied with the price of rotary kiln, and we are looking forward to your 24-hour consultation with the sales manager.

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