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Slag is the solid waste produced after ore processing or smelting. Due to the rapid development of mineral processing and metallurgy industry in recent years, the output of slag is increasing year by year. The increase of slag not only occupies a large amount of cultivated land, but also brings harm to our production environment. The treatment of slag has become an urgent problem. In the production and processing of slag, dehydration and drying is one of the important steps—— Slag dryer It can dry the material with high water content to about 15%, so that it can be used in more fields.

 Slag dryer

Performance characteristics of slag dryer

1. The advanced design, reasonable design, novel equipment, small footprint, convenient for customers in the operation of production operations.

2. The equipment is sealed strictly to avoid dust overflow and heat loss during operation.

3. The effective volume of the cylinder is larger, the amount of material that can be processed per unit time is more, and the output of the equipment is improved.

4. With reasonable operation parameters, the coal consumption and power consumption of the equipment in the operation are reduced by 15% - 20% compared with the ordinary dryer, and the energy consumption cost of customers can be saved by 10-15 every year.

5. The inner part of the cylinder is equipped with a feeding plate, which can lift up the wet material and then throw it down to dry the material evenly.

 Drawing of some accessories of slag dryer

Slag dryer manufacturer which good

The better mining machinery manufacturer in Henan is Hongxing Machinery, which has been highly recommended by customers in the domestic and foreign markets

1. The slag dryer produced by the manufacturer is advanced, stable and has low failure rate in operation.

2. Widely used in various fields, and if customers need, manufacturers can customize their own equipment according to their actual situation.

3. It can purchase equipment for customers free of charge, and carry out on-site installation and debugging of the equipment, so as to timely and effectively solve the problems in the operation of customers, and reduce the downtime of the equipment in the operation.

4. When positioning the price of the equipment, the market quotation of the equipment is very affordable, which can greatly reduce the cost of purchasing the equipment.

 Internal drawing of slag dryer

 Delivery drawing of Red Star dryer

The treated slag can be reused, which reduces the environmental pollution in production and avoids the waste of resources. Red Star machine production slag drying machine for the production of customers to create a higher profit, welcome the need of users to inquire, we can not only make a reasonable price for your equipment, but also for you to develop a more reasonable production line, to help you in the production of unnecessary trouble.

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