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Quotation of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher Also known as jaw broken, jaw crusher, it is With the development of science and technology, the equipment has been greatly improved and optimized. It has the characteristics of wear-resistant parts, stable operation, convenient operation and high crushing efficiency. It can effectively improve the output of equipment and reduce the investment of users in the early stage What's the price of crusher? Where the price of the equipment is cheap, below we do a more detailed introduction for customers.

 Jaw crusher

 Hongxing jaw crusher plant area

What's the price of jaw crusher

There are many factors influencing the quotation of jaw crusher in the market, among which, model and production cost are the more important reasons. The following is a detailed analysis of these three reasons.


It not only determines the profit of customers in the later period, but also has a great influence on the market price of equipment. The higher the performance of the equipment, the operation can bring high economic benefits to customers, advanced equipment, as the saying goes, "one price, one goods", the higher the jaw, the higher its market price.

2. Model

There are dozens of different models of jaw crusher, such as pe-150x250, pe-250x400, pe-750x1060, pex-150x750 and so on. Different models of equipment have different parameters, different manufacturers spend different costs in producing equipment, and the economic benefits that can be brought to customers in operation are also different, and the price positioning of equipment in the market is also different.

 Different types of broken jaw

 Broken parts

3. Production cost

Production cost is mainly composed of raw material cost, cost, labor cost and other factors. Because the above three factors are greatly affected by the market in production, when one of the factors changes, the total cost of manufacturing equipment will also change, and the market price of equipment will also be different.

Price of Henan Shihui crusher

There are many E-crusher manufacturers in Henan. The price of jaw crusher on the market is relatively cheap, which can save more investment cost for customers. The reason why they are more popular in Henan market is that they are popular with users

1. The equipment provided for customers is novel in design, simple in structure, easy to operate, reliable and advanced.

2. For the jaw crusher sold in the market, the price of the equipment is more than 10% cheaper than other crushing equipment in the market, which can bring greater benefits to the production of customers.

3. We provide considerate and perfect after-sales service to customers, effectively reduce the downtime of equipment and reduce the consumption of users in production.

 Jawbone workshop

 Jaw crusher operation site

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