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Sludge dryer: a magic tool for turning waste into treasure

With the rapid development of the city, a series of problems, such as air and water pollution, are coming one after another. Due to the enhancement of national environmental protection awareness in recent years, the urban sewage industry has been developed rapidly, and the output of urban sludge is increasing constantly, which is a more serious problem faced by people. In order to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of sludge in the market, a kind of "artifact" which can turn sludge into treasure has appeared in the market—— Sludge Dryer It is an efficient and energy-saving drying equipment developed on the basis of large water content and high viscosity of sludge.

 Operation site of sludge dryer

 Semi finished products of sludge dryer

Performance characteristics of sludge dryer

1. According to the characteristics of sludge viscosity, low calorific value and high moisture content, the internal structure of the cylinder was optimized, which not only effectively avoided excessive drying and sticking of sludge in drying, but also improved the drying efficiency.

2. Using the new transmission device, the energy consumption of the equipment in operation is reduced, which can not only create higher value for customers every year, but also save more than 20% energy consumption cost for customers.

3. The equipment not only has a better sealing device, but also adopts multi-stage purification and dust removal equipment, which can effectively meet or exceed the national environmental protection standards and reduce the environmental pollution during operation.

4. Reasonable structure design reduces the floor area of the equipment and facilitates the production and operation of customers in the operation.

 Different types of sludge dryers

 Dryer accessories

How about Henan sludge dryer

Henan is an important production base of sludge dryer. The price of sludge dryer sold here is affordable, and it can give customers more choices. It is a good choice for customers to purchase equipment. Among so many manufacturers, Hongxing machine is the dryer manufacturer favored by customers. The main reasons are as follows:

1. In the development and production of the equipment, the manufacturer not only introduces more advanced production technology, but also selects high-quality raw materials, so that the performance of the equipment in operation is higher and more reliable.

2. In terms of equipment price positioning, from the perspective of customers, while ensuring their own profits, the average quotation of each equipment is reduced.

3. In order to ensure the continuity and efficiency of customers in the operation, the manufacturer provides customers with one-stop high-quality service, which reduces the downtime of equipment in operation and the operation of customers.

 Manufacturer of Red Star dryer

Red Star manufacturers with its high-quality service, excellent and ultra-low prices in the market to win the favor of the majority of customers, the production of equipment not only in the domestic market, but also exported to dozens of overseas countries. If you want to be interested in the dryer or other equipment produced by our company, please call 0371-67772626, and we will answer your questions in time.

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