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How to sell lignite dryer

Brief introduction of lignite

Lignite, also known as firewood coal, is widely used in China today, but it is also a kind of mineral coal with low degree of coalification. It is not easy to make full use of in operation, but also cause great pollution to the environment. This does not control the application of lignite, but also causes a waste of resources.


In order to make lignite play a more important role, Lignite dryer Produced, it is different from the previous centrifugal mechanical dewatering method, but the use of lignite first broken dispersion and then in the thermal drying of the new, this effective equipment continuity and automation, the operation can make the enterprise more time-saving, labor-saving, then how to sell lignite dryer, red star for customers in this paper carried out a detailed analysis.

Quotation of lignite dryer

The quotation of lignite dryer in the market is not unchangeable. It is affected by many reasons. So which factors have direct influence on the quotation of lignite dryer? The specific analysis is as follows:

 Lignite dryer

1. Dryer

It is the premise of profitability, high efficiency and high yield. Only with excellent equipment can we create greater benefits for customers. However, high equipment manufacturers have invested a lot of energy and time in manufacturing, and consumed a lot of manpower and material resources, so the quotation is also on the high side.

2. Total cost of production dryer

Cost is the basis of price positioning. The manufacturing cost of an equipment is high, and its price cannot be lower than the cost price. Therefore, the equipment manufacturing cost directly affects the equipment quotation.

3. Model of dryer

Dryer is a general term for equipment. It has different models, and different models of equipment have different processing capacity, cylinder volume and total weight of equipment. The economic and social profits that can be created for customers in operation are also different, and the price positioning of different types of dryers in the market is also different.

 Dryer delivery site

Henan manufacturer with fair price

There are hundreds of dryer manufacturers in Henan Province, among which the ones with better comprehensive ranking are Zhongde heavy industry, Hongxing Machinery and water technology. Their equipment has been affirmed by customers both in terms of after-sales service. Here, we will take the Red Star manufacturer as an example to give a brief introduction for customers.

Red Star factory has rich mining machinery and equipment production experience, and the production scale is large and strong. It provides customers with long and high equipment life, which ensures the continuity and efficiency of customer operation. Moreover, the manufacturer is more affordable in terms of equipment pricing, which can reduce a large amount of investment for customer production.

 Operation site of Hongxing lignite dryer

The lignite dried by coal dryer is not only used as fuel for power plant, but also has great application value in sewage purification, chemical industry and other fields. For more details of lignite dryer, customers can contact 0371-67772626.

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