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Four common problems and methods of impact crusher

Counterattack crusher It is mainly used to crush materials with side length less than 100-500mm and compressive strength less than 350Mpa. It is generally used in the next step crushing of jaw crusher. Customers will encounter such and other problems when using impact crusher, which will not only affect the equipment output, but also increase the investment of customers in the operation, so the common problems of equipment in operation are discussed What are the questions? How, below we to impact crusher common 4 major problems and methods to do a simple introduction for you.

 Counterattack crusher

Question 1

During operation, it was found that the bearing of impact crusher was heated

Causes and treatment methods:

1. When the equipment appears this phenomenon may be the bearing oil shortage, the customer needs to timely oil the crusher bearing. In the process of refueling, too much oil will also lead to bearing heating, so customers should pay attention to the oil quantity in real time;

2. The bearing may be damaged, which requires the customer to replace the bearing of the equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in operation.

Question 2

Abnormal vibration occurs in the operation of the equipment

Causes and treatment methods:

1. If the broken material particles are too large, it is necessary to carry out the feeding size of the equipment before production;

 Counterattack inside

2. If the rotor is unbalanced, stop the machine and adjust the rotor;

3. The hammer head of impact crusher should be replaced due to uneven wear.

Question 3

The belt of impact crusher turns over

Causes and treatment methods:

1. If the belt is worn, replace the V-belt of the equipment in time;

2. The pulley is not on a plane, it needs to be adjusted to a plane before operation.

Question 4

The discharge particle of the operation impact crusher is too large

Causes and treatment methods:

1. If the hammer head is worn, change the position of the hammer head or replace the worn hammer head;

2. The gap between the hammer head and the impact plate is too large, which affects the discharging granularity of the equipment. It is generally adjusted to 15-20 mm during operation.

 Parts drawing of impact crusher

 Working site drawing of impact crusher

The above is a simple analysis of the common problems in the counterattack operation, the causes of the problems and the treatment methods. If the customers want to have a deeper understanding of the equipment in the operation, they can call 0371-67772626, and also can conduct online consultation. Our staff can make a qualitative answer to your questions.

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