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For wet materials, the dryer has

If the humidity of materials is too high in the process of use, it will not only affect its market value, but also cause a certain waste of resources, which will bring unnecessary investment to production. If you want to make full use of materials, you need to select them first drying equipment To dehydrate it, so that it can be used in more fields, facing wet materials dryer Yes, it can dry materials with water content less than 60% to about 15%. It is favored by customers in different industries in the market.


Application range of dryer

Dryer is widely used in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments. It can uniformly and continuously dry slag, coal slime, river sand, fly ash, sludge, quartz sand, desulfurization gypsum, stone, hematite, limonite, iron ore, limestone, clay, copper ore, etc. the materials dried by the dryer can be used in construction, paving, electric power and so on It has great application value in industrial production.

 Application of dried materials

Why choose dryer for drying wet materials

Materials with large moisture content can be air dried, but this not only dries unevenly, but also wastes a lot of time. The selection of dryer is different. It is a rotating cylinder with heat carrier, which will rotate automatically under the drive of motor during operation. Moreover, the internal configuration of the paddle plate can ensure that the material with large moisture content can be dried in a short time, so as to make the production more efficient In addition, the dryer has the following advantages in drying materials:

1. Simple structure, reasonable design, convenient for customers in the operation of production and operation.

2. Reasonable operation parameters can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the equipment and reduce the customer's investment in energy consumption.

3. The effective volume of the cylinder is large, the amount of material that can be processed per unit time is higher, the efficiency of the equipment is high, and the output is large.

 Operation site of dryer

Henan dryer price

Henan is a relatively important dryer production site, the dryer manufacturers here account for more than 30% of the total market. Many customers buy dryers in Henan, not only because of the diversity of choices, but also because of the affordable prices of equipment sold in Henan. For example, Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is well-known in China, and its production equipment is reliable and good service. However, it is more affordable in terms of equipment pricing. Customers can save tens of thousands of production costs by purchasing the equipment produced by the manufacturer. Moreover, the equipment produced by the manufacturer is high, which can provide more powerful guarantee for the continuous operation of customers in the later period.

When purchasing equipment, customers need to compare and choose the better one. In the process of purchasing, they can visit and inspect the Red Star manufacturer. The free consultation telephone number of Red Star machine is 0371-67772626.

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