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Red star to tell you what affects the life and production of the dryer

On the market dryer However, many customers report that the service life of the dryer in operation is not as long as that in the life book, and the production of equipment It's not very good. When your equipment also has such problems, on the one hand, it may be the equipment produced by the manufacturer itself, on the other hand, it may be caused by the customer. Next, we will make a detailed analysis for the second reason for the customer.


What practices affect dryer life and production

1. It is necessary to produce 50t / h dryer, and choose 30-40t / h equipment when purchasing. In operation, the dryer is overloaded every day, so the service life of the equipment is reduced.

2. Let the equipment operate continuously without regular maintenance and maintenance, which will also affect the service life of the equipment in production.

3. In order to save the cost, do not replace the lubricating oil regularly, which not only can not save the cost, but also accelerate the wear of the equipment and affect its life.

4. In the production and processing, the viscosity of the dried materials is too high, resulting in a certain blockage of the equipment, resulting in production decline.

5. The humidity of the drying material is too high, which exceeds the limit of the equipment. In this way, the finished product is poor after drying, which will also affect the service life of the equipment.

 Operation site of large dryer

How to effectively improve the service life and production of dryer

1. Choose the right equipment

In the purchase of equipment, you should have a more detailed understanding of your own production situation and know what type and model of equipment you need.

2. Regular maintenance

There is a special equipment maintenance team to carry out regular maintenance of the equipment, which can not only improve the service life of the equipment, but also effectively improve the production of the equipment.

3. Replace lubricating oil and accessories in time

In this way, the equipment can be replaced more efficiently and continuously.

 Delivery site drawing of Red Star dryer

Steps for selecting dryer manufacturer

1. Look, see which area has more manufacturers and where to buy equipment.

2. Check, on the Internet on their favorite manufacturers to see the customers, as well as in the peer ranking.

3. After preliminary screening, we will conduct on-the-spot investigation on several of the manufacturers to see the scale and size of the manufacturers.

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