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Henan Zhengzhou coke dryer how much is a set?

Coke dryer It is mainly used for drying materials with high moisture content such as coke, river sand and limestone. It has the advantages of stable operation, uniform operation, high drying efficiency, strong adaptability, energy saving and emission reduction. Henan is a large dryer sales market. How much is the coke dryer in Zhengzhou of Henan? This paper makes a simple analysis for customers.

 Coke dryer

Influencing factors of coke dryer price

1. Model of coke dryer

There are dozens of different models of coke dryer, such as φ 1.2x8.0, φ 1.5x15, φ 2.4x14, and φ 2.6x24. The barrel volume, unit production capacity and main motor power of different models of equipment are different. Manufacturers have different costs in manufacturing different types of equipment, so the price of equipment is also different.

2. User experience of coke dryer

User experience not only determines the market price of the device, but also is the premise of whether the customer wants to buy the device. If the user experience is good, the price may rise with the increase of the equipment. On the contrary, if the user experience of the device is not good, not only the price of the device may decline, but also have an impact.

3. Coke dryer

There are many dryers sold in the market. The quality of these dryers not only affects the service life of the equipment, but also has a greater impact on the price of the equipment. Generally, good equipment and after-sales service can create higher benefits for customers in the operation. Due to the high cost, the average quotation of the equipment will be more expensive. Although the price of the equipment that is not available may not be high, it can not let the customers rest assured.

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Why Henan Zhengzhou coke dryer so affordable

1. Convenient transportation in Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Zhengzhou, Henan Province has a wide range of traffic, which can lead to various provinces and cities. This not only saves the cost of equipment transportation, but also enables customers to put the equipment into production ahead of time in operation, reducing the cost of customers.

2. There are many manufacturers in Zhengzhou, Henan Province

There are hundreds of dryer manufacturers in Henan. In such a big competition, manufacturers will carry out certain preferential activities to attract more customers to choose their own equipment, which makes the average price of coke dryer in Zhengzhou market on the low side.

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