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Fly ash dryer is better for drying fly ash

Fly ash is a kind of material that will pollute the environment and do great harm to human health. With the rapid development of industry in recent years, the output of fly ash is increasing day by day, and the threat to human beings is greater and greater. In order to reduce it, it is necessary to dry the fly ash, so that it can be used in more fields Fly ash dryer Drying and other methods, the use of dryer is more commonly used method, drying fly ash, using fly ash dryer is better, see the details below.

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Why to say that drying fly ash, fly ash dryer is better

1. Air drying is also a method of drying fly ash, but this method is time-consuming and laborious, and the drying is not very good, which affects the later application of fly ash.

2. The drying with fly ash has the following characteristics:

(1) Time saving: fly ash dryer can deal with a large number of materials in unit time, and can evenly dry the materials, so as to save time for customers.

(2) Worry free: the mechanization of the equipment is relatively high, and the centralized control of the equipment can be carried out in the operation, and the influence of the weather saves customers a lot of worry.

(3) Environmental protection: the dryer is used for centralized drying of fly ash, which is more green and environmentally friendly. If the air drying method is adopted, some of the fly ash raised may cause pollution to the environment and endanger human health.

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Application of fly ash

The dried fly ash is widely used in construction and industry

1. As raw materials, fly ash is one of the raw materials of inorganic fire insulation board. The raw materials of green energy inorganic fire insulation board are 70% ordinary cement and 30% fly ash;

2. In foreign countries, fly ash is used as a new raw material for papermaking;

3. As environmental protection materials, fly ash can be used to make environmental protection materials such as molecular sieve, flocculant and adsorbent.

 Application of fly ash after processing

What are the models of fly ash dryer

There are many different specifications and models of fly ash dryer, such as φ 1.2x8.0, φ 1.5x14, φ 2.2x12, and φ 2.4x22. Their cylinder volume is different, and their processing capacity and total weight are also different, which can meet the production needs of different users in the operation. Users can choose the appropriate fly ash dryer according to the actual situation.

Red Star machine is a more regular fly ash dryer manufacturer, which provides customers with a complete range of fly ash dryer models and guarantees, and the price positioning of the equipment is relatively affordable. Therefore, customers can go to the Red Star manufacturer to learn about the equipment when purchasing, and the Red Star Machine consultation telephone number is 0371-67772626.

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