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How to improve the output of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher Also known as jawbone, it is a long history, more durable crushing equipment, mainly composed of flywheel, guard plate, jaw plate, eccentric shaft, bearing and other parts. For the material processing capacity of 1-2200 tons / h, customers should choose according to the actual situation. Besides the price, the output of the equipment is a problem that customers are more concerned about. What aspects can customers improve their e-mail in operation Output of crusher? Details are as follows.

 Jaw crusher

Methods of increasing the output of jaw crusher

1. The hardness of crushed materials is within the specified range

If the hardness of the crushed material exceeds 320 MPa, the output of the equipment may be affected. Therefore, the crushed material should be within the range of the equipment.

2. Choose the right type of equipment

If you want to produce 120 tons of equipment per hour, but you choose a 100 tons per hour Model of equipment, which will also affect the output of the equipment. Therefore, you should select the appropriate type of equipment to process materials during operation.

3. Choose high devices

Equipment is an important factor affecting the output of equipment. The higher the output of equipment is, the higher the output is. If customers want to improve the output of equipment, high equipment is your right choice.

 Jaw crusher accessories

 Operation site of broken jaw

Advantages of jaw crusher

1. The structure design is reasonable and compact, and the production and operation of customers in the operation are more safe and efficient.

2. The unique flywheel design can effectively reduce the vibration of equipment in operation and make the equipment more stable in operation.

3. Deep and no dead corner crushing chamber, larger crushing ratio, higher amount of material that can be processed in operation, large output and high efficiency of equipment.

4. The machine body is equipped with dust-proof plate and water spray device at the feed inlet of the equipment, which can reduce the dust generation and improve the working environment without affecting the crushing.

What about the Hubei crusher in Henan

Henan is an important production center of E-crusher. There are thousands of E-crusher manufacturers here. They have more equipment and can give customers more choices. Moreover, the price of equipment sold in Henan is also low. Thousands of manufacturers have good or bad. Customers can compare several manufacturers to choose the better one.

 Production workshop of Hongxing jaw crusher

In the process of selecting E-crusher, customers can visit Hongxing machine manufacturer. It is a well-known and large-scale mining machine manufacturer in Henan Province. It has a large production scale and strong production. It provides customers with higher equipment performance and more affordable price. It is a good choice for customers to purchase equipment.

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