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How much is the xs2600 sand washing machine cheaper

Xs2600 mainly refers to the wheel bucket diameter of 2600 mm Sand washing machine Its processing capacity is 20-50t / h, and the motor power is 8p 5.5kwa. It is an important sand and stone washing equipment, which can effectively remove the impurities covered on the surface of sand and stone, so that the materials can be used in more fields. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high cleaning degree and low power consumption. The price of sand washing machine in the market is different. How much is the cheaper price of xs2600 sand washing machine? Which one is more cost-effective? Let's talk about it briefly.

 Xs2600 sand washing machine

What factors will affect the price of xs2600 sand washer


Xs2600 sand washing machine has high and low, which makes the price of the equipment high and low.

2. Manufacturer

For the same equipment, different manufacturers have different time and energy in manufacturing equipment, so there are differences in price setting.


There are a lot of xs2600 sand washing machines, some of which are well-known and generally known, while others are not well-known. There are differences in equipment price setting due to different popularity.

 Sand washing machine operation site

Sales area of xs2600 sand washer

Compared with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the sand washing machines sold in Henan are more cost-effective. Customers can save a lot of cost by purchasing equipment here. Moreover, since the manufacturers of sand washing machines in Henan account for more than 30% of the domestic market, customers will have more choices when purchasing sand washing machines in Henan.

 Close up view of sand washer

Which xs2600 sand washing machine is more cost-effective

The scale of Hongxing machine in Henan Province is relatively large, and its popularity is high. The equipment sold has been affirmed and appreciated by customers in the market. The manufacturers not only sell and service In addition, due to the following factors: 1. Direct selling manufacturers; 2. Marketing mode of small profits and high sales; 3. Superior geographical position; 4. Scientific pricing mechanism, etc., the equipment price is relatively cost-effective, which can not only effectively reduce the cost of purchasing equipment, but also effectively reduce the investment of customers in the later stage of equipment operation, so as to ensure that customers have higher income.

 Hongxing factory

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