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How much money do you need to invest in purchasing a slime dryer

Slime is a kind of semi-solid material, mainly formed in the process of coal production. Due to its variety and formation mechanism, it is widely used in the market. In the application process of slime, drying is a relatively important step. The slime dryer is developed and processed according to the properties of fine particle size, high moisture content and high viscosity of slime. It has uniform drying, low energy consumption and sealing Good performance, small vibration and other advantages, the market to buy a slime dryer need to invest how much money?

  Slime before and after treatment by dryer

Analysis of factors affecting the price of slime dryer

1. Equipment configuration

The configuration of slime dryer has a great impact on the later production. The higher the equipment is configured, the higher the performance and stability are, the greater the economic benefits can be created in operation. The price of the same equipment is also relatively expensive. On the contrary, the price of the equipment is cheap.

2. Cost factor

The production of a slime dryer needs to invest manpower, raw materials, time, etc. The more investment, the higher the cost of production, the more expensive the price positioning of the equipment.

3. Steel quotation

As the main raw material for producing slime dryer, the fluctuation of steel has a great influence on the price of equipment. If the steel price rises in the market, the quotation of slime dryer sold in the market will increase.

  coal slime dryer

How much is Henan slime dryer

As an important coal slime dryer production gathering place, there are not only more equipment manufacturers here, but also the market price of equipment is relatively cheap. The main reasons are: 1. Henan is rich in resources, sufficient manpower, relatively cheap land price, and less investment in equipment manufacturing; 2. In the fierce competition of many manufacturers, the average quotation of equipment is low. When customers buy equipment in Henan, they can go to the Red Star machine manufacturer for a look Strong, developed and produced equipment performance is more stable, higher efficiency, can create more considerable benefits for customers, and the market quotation of the equipment sold is also relatively reasonable. For the specific quotation of slime dryer sold by the company, customers can call customer service for 0371-67772626.

  Production and processing of dryer

The slime dryer can be used alone or as a complete set. If customers need to purchase supporting equipment, they should understand their own production needs and communicate with them to know the specifications and models of the equipment to be purchased, so as to ensure the continuity and efficiency in the later production.

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