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Circular vibrating screen

In medicine, food, chemical industry, mining and other industries, it is a time-consuming and laborious thing to sort pills, granules and materials with different particle sizes. It is difficult to find time to be lazy in the operation. This situation has not changed until its appearance. It is a tool for screening lazy—— Circular vibrating screen , an automatic screening equipment for materials, which can quickly separate materials of different particle sizes, thus saving customers' time and energy.

 Circular vibrating screen

Why is the circular vibrating screen a tool for screening laziness

1. After the improvement of the circular vibrating screen, there are few vulnerable parts, less wear and tear in operation, and low maintenance rate, so customers don't need to repair them frequently.

2. It has many screening specifications, strong exciting force and high screening efficiency in operation.

3. The screen or punching screen plate of the equipment is made of spring steel, which has a long service life and is not easy to block the hole during operation.

4. After screening, the equipment can be very good at screening the same size of materials, no need for a second screening.

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 Inside of vibrating screen

Manufacturer of circular vibrating screen

In the continuous development of coal, metallurgy, mining today, the circular vibrating screen is very common in these fields, its use for customers to save a lot of time and energy, is very popular with users, in the demand is rising today, the circle vibrating screen manufacturers also have an obvious increase, especially in Henan, the increase is more obvious, with incomplete market statistics, Henan The manufacturers of circular vibrating screen account for more than 30% of the domestic market. Many users will choose Henan when purchasing the circular vibrating screen. 1. There are many manufacturers and more choices in Henan; 2. Henan's equipment is relatively affordable, which can save a lot of money.

 Red Star circle vibrating screen workshop

Operation points of circular vibrating screen

Although the equipment is not easy to be damaged, the scientific operation can make the service life of the equipment longer and benefit the users more

1. Read the duty record and make a general survey of the equipment.

2. Start up according to the sequence of process system.

3. During operation, visual and auditory vibration exciter and screen box are used.

4. Stop the machine according to the process sequence.

5. Record equipment failures and screen condition.

Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a circular vibrating screen manufacturer worthy of the trust of many customers. It has a large production workshop and advanced production facilities. The equipment provided is not only guaranteed, but also the average price of the equipment is relatively cheap, which can effectively reduce the total production input in the operation of customers.

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