High pressure micro pulverizer makes you invest less and gain more


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High pressure micro grinding makes you invest less and gain more

High pressure micro grinding It is also called micro grinding. It is a kind of equipment composed of main engine, blower, Superfine Classifier, bag filter and other parts. It is suitable for coal powder preparation, power plant desulfurization, gypsum powder processing and other industries. It has good pulverization for limestone, calcite, talc and bentonite. Choose the high-pressure micro grinding mill to let you invest small, high income, can obtain more considerable profits in the operation, this paper is the specific analysis of the micro mill.

 Micro grinding powder

 Application of high pressure micro grinding

What are the advantages of high pressure grinding tools

1. High yield

The grinding pressure of micro powder mill is strong, and the materials with Mohs hardness below 6 can be grinded quickly and efficiently in the operation, with high efficiency and increased output.

2. The process is simple

Compared with the air flow mill, the equipment simplifies the grinding process effectively. For example, when grinding the material of 20 mm, the airflow mill should first crush the material to 5 mm, and then the ultra-fine powder processing can be carried out. However, the high-pressure micro powder mill can directly pulverize the material of 20 mm, which can reduce the time and save the investment.

3. Long life

In the operation, the grinding roller and ring are places where the force is relatively large, and the domestic raw materials with strong wear resistance and compression resistance are selected to reduce the wear in the operation and effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

4. Environmental protection

The equipment is sealed by means of overlapping multi-stage sealing, which reduces the dust spillover during operation and improves the working environment. The dust removal of equipment in operation can fully meet the national dust emission standard.

 Micro grinding in milling production line

Output of high pressure micro pulverizer

It is not only decided by the equipment, but also caused by these factors Decrease: 1. The hardness of the material is too high, and the hardness of the material milled exceeds the specified range, resulting in serious wear of the vulnerable parts, which leads to the decrease of the equipment output; 2. The humidity is too high and the material humidity of the grinding powder is too high, which makes some materials adhere to the inner wall of the machine body and reduce the output of the equipment; 3. The viscosity of the material is too high, which causes blockage in the body 4. Maintenance, regular maintenance is an important method to improve the life of equipment and increase the output of equipment. If it is not carried out regularly, it will have a certain impact on the output of equipment. In order to improve the output of micro grinding mill, we should not only operate in strict accordance with the operation steps of the equipment, but also need to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure the normal and continuous operation of the equipment.

 High pressure micro grinding with different angles

In order to improve the output of the micro powder mill, the Red Star factory has introduced the advanced production technology of the United States, Germany and other countries, and has carried out reasonable improvement and Optimization on the original one, so that the fineness of the material grinded out by the produced micro powder mill is finer and the output is higher, and the service life of the equipment has also been significantly increased.

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