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"Practitioner" of energy saving and environmental protection of orchid charcoal dryer

Environmental protection has been strengthened, and environmental protection slogans have become more and more popular in the market, and various mining machinery and equipment have also joined in, Orchid charcoal dryer The "practitioner" of energy conservation and environmental protection can protect the environment of the working place to a greater extent in the operation, which aspects of environmental protection and energy saving of the orchid charcoal dryer mainly reflected from? See below for details.

 Orchid charcoal dryer

Energy saving and environmental protection of orchid charcoal dryer

1. The energy consumption of the new type of drying machine is reduced by 40%.

2. The cylinder has good sealing performance and good heat preservation, and there are thermal insulation materials and stainless steel plates outside the cylinder, which can effectively reduce the heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency in operation.

3. The continuous movement of the equipment in the operation makes the noise less, and the operation is more stable and efficient.

4. The material can be quickly dried, and in the drying process, due to the good sealing performance of the cylinder, the environmental pollution caused by dust overflow is avoided.

 Working site drawing of dryer

What are the uses of orchid charcoal dryer

In addition to dehydration and drying of the orchid charcoal with water content of 60%, the dryer can also be used for continuous and efficient drying of river sand, copper ore, hematite, molybdenum ore, limestone, clay and other minerals in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries, so as to improve the application of different materials in the market and reduce the waste of resources.

  Application of orchid charcoal dryer

Price analysis of orchid charcoal dryer

How much is the price of an energy-saving and environmental protection orchid charcoal dryer? According to the relevant data, Henan is a large dryer production base, where there are thousands of dryer suppliers. The price of the equipment also varies according to the manufacturer, model, size and equipment. Hongxing machine is a better dryer manufacturer in the domestic market, which is developed and manufactured High price, affordable, need to buy equipment may wish to consider, give yourself a choice.

 Dryer in production

 Red Star staff office environment

Red Star manufacturers not only sell energy-saving and environmental protection of the orchid charcoal dryer, but also sell environmental protection building materials equipment, sand and gravel equipment, complete sets of production lines, etc. if necessary, you can consult 0371-67772626 online or by phone. The manufacturer can help users to make purchase plans free of charge, and evaluate the price of the equipment required by customers, so as to ensure that users can invest less cost and gain more in operation The profit of.

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