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To save money, what kind of equipment do you choose to break stones?

Stone is a kind of common material, which has a history of thousands of years. After crushing, grinding and other production and processing, it is widely used in highway, construction, water conservancy and other fields. As the primary and important process of stone processing, crushing is very important for the selection of crushing equipment, and it is also the key to make profits later. The equipment for breaking stones is called Stone crusher Including jaw crusher, impact crusher Cone crusher Hammer crusher and so on, want to save money, what equipment to choose to break stone? The specific analysis is as follows:

 Stone crushing equipment

Examples of equipment for breaking stones

Stone crushing includes three stages: coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. The equipment required is different

1. Coarse crushing

The first step in breaking a stone, Jaw crusher There are three reasons: (1) the jaw crusher has large crushing ratio and high efficiency; (2) after many reforms, the performance of the equipment is better; (3) the price is affordable, the service life is long, and the maintenance frequency is low.

 Jaw crusher

2. Medium and fine

In the process of medium and fine crushing of stones, the cone crusher Counterattack crusher It's a better choice. Cone crusher, using the crushing principle of lamination, increases cube products, and has overload protection system, which can ensure the continuity of crushing. The impact crusher has adjustable particle size, large crushing ratio, less crushing sections, simplified production process and selective crushing characteristics, which can selectively crush materials with different particle sizes.

 Counterattack crusher

 Cone crusher

Other equipment for breaking stones

In addition to the above three crushing equipment, Hammer crusher It is also a common stone crushing equipment. It has compact structure and reasonable design. It can crush and shape the material at one time in the operation, which simplifies the processing technology, reduces the operation cost of the equipment, and can create more considerable profits for customers.

 Hammer crusher

Which equipment is cheaper

The price of the above four kinds of equipment is lower, which depends on the specific situation: if the stone needs to be roughly crushed, the jaw crusher is a better choice, which is not only low in price, but also has a long life and a wide range of adjustment; if it is necessary to carry out medium and fine crushing of stones, the impact crusher is better, because the manufacturing cost of the cone crusher is high and the crushing humidity of the equipment is relatively high The material is not very good; hammer crusher, although it can crush the equipment once, but the wear of vulnerable parts in the operation is fast, the replacement cycle is short, and it is easy to cause blockage and shutdown when crushing wet materials.

 Factory workshop

To sum up, in the stone crushing process, such as coarse crushing, jaw crusher is more cost-effective, if medium and fine crushing is needed, impact crusher is a better choice. If you want to know the detailed quotation of each equipment, you can click "online consultation" or call 0371-67772626. The staff will make detailed quotation for different types and models of equipment.

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