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How much is a shaker

table It is a kind of relatively common gravity separation equipment for fine materials, which is widely used in the separation of tungsten, gold, manganese, coal and other materials. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and low energy consumption. How much is the shaking table in the market? Which one produces the better performance.


Market price analysis of shaker

The shaker is divided into coarse sand shaker, fine sand shaker and slime shaker. The ore feeding amount is 30-60t / D, 10-20t / D, 15-25t / D, and the ore concentration is 25-30%, 20-25% and 15-25%. Different economic value can be created, and the average quotation of equipment in the market is also different. There are many factors that affect the price of equipment. Here we will list several important ones for simple analysis for customers.

1. Manufacturing cost

Manufacturing shaker needs to invest a certain amount of raw materials, labor costs, these costs not only affect the equipment, but also lead to the equipment market quotation difference.

2. Production technology

The more advanced the production process of the equipment, the higher the performance of the equipment produced, the higher the efficiency in the operation, the greater the value that can be created, and the high price of the equipment.

3. Region

In different regions, the per capita consumption level is different, the manufacturers are different, and the competition between manufacturers is also different. These factors also cause the price of equipment. The price of equipment sold in Henan is more affordable, and users who need it can consider buying in Henan.

 Front view of shaker

Which equipment is more worth buying

Among the more manufacturers in the market, which equipment is more worthy of purchase? Here we introduce Hongxing machine, a famous and comprehensive manufacturer in Henan Province. There are two main reasons for recommending the manufacturer to the customers: on the one hand, the strong and advanced manufacturers, the excellent performance of R & D and produced equipment, and the service On the other hand, the manufacturer's low price positioning for the equipment can effectively reduce the total investment of customers in production, thus helping customers obtain more profits in operation.

 Red Star equipment workshop

To sum up, the manufacturing costs of different types of equipment are different, and the market price is also different. Therefore, customers should keep their eyes open when selecting equipment and conduct comparison among different manufacturers. Red Star manufacturers for the majority of customers to provide not only the shaker, but also Jaw crusher Impact crusher Please call 0371-67772626 if you need.

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