Is your coke dryer frozen in cold winter


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Is your coke dryer frozen in the cold winter

Coke dryer It is an efficient and energy-saving drying equipment developed by the manufacturer according to the special properties of coke. It has the advantages of stable operation, large processing capacity, low-carbon and environmental protection. The emergence of coke dryer has brought a lot of convenience to the production and is favored by customers.

 Coke dryer

With the arrival of winter, by the invasion of cold weather, not only people feel the cold, the equipment will also be "cold", cold winter, your coke dryer frozen? How to keep your equipment warm? The detailed analysis is as follows.

Insulation measures for coke dryer

The failure rate of coke dryer in winter is higher than that in other seasons, because the temperature of coke dryer in winter will drop due to heat dissipation, and some problems such as solidification and wall formation may occur, which will affect the normal operation of equipment and bring great losses to enterprises. The insulation measures for coke dryer in winter include:

1. In view of the problem of low temperature heat loss in winter, Hongxing suggests that when using the coke dryer in winter, the cylinder should be wrapped, which can not only prevent the equipment from cooling, solidification and wall forming, but also effectively reduce the heat loss and improve the drying efficiency.

2. In order to prevent the coke dryer from freezing, in winter, you can buy some antifreeze to spread on the equipment to prevent the equipment from freezing. In addition, the customer also needs to freeze the dried materials to ensure the continuity and safety in the operation.

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How to increase the output of coke dryer

The output of the equipment determines the profit of the customer in the later stage. In order to make the output of the equipment higher in the operation, the users should pay attention to the following points:

1. Equipment

The choice of high and new equipment is an important factor to ensure high yield. Therefore, if you want high-yield equipment, you should be careful in the purchase of equipment.

2. Maintenance

Regular maintenance and maintenance of equipment is an important factor to extend equipment life and improve equipment performance, so the maintenance and maintenance of equipment in operation is very important.

3. Nature of material

The viscosity and humidity of the materials dried in the operation should be within the specified range of the equipment. If it is too large, it will cause wall sticking or blockage, which will cause the output of the equipment to decline.

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Price of coke dryer

The price of coke dryer in the market is high and low, which is mainly due to the differences in manufacturers, regions, models and manufacturing costs. If you want to buy equipment with affordable price and high performance, you can choose Henan Hongxing machine. The manufacturer is strong and exquisite, and the equipment produced and sold is reliable and affordable. It is loved by many enterprises. Click "online consultation", and Hongxing will make detailed quotation for the equipment you need.

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