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Mineral powder, the product of crushing and processing ore, is a high-quality concrete admixture and cement admixture. Mineral powder dryer It is used to dehydrate and dry the crushed mineral powder. The comprehensive utilization rate of the dried mineral powder is improved. Hongxing machine is a large-scale mineral powder dryer equipment manufacturer in China, and the equipment is favored by customers at home and abroad.

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Equipment features of Hongxing ore powder dryer

1. The effective volume of the cylinder is large, and the amount of material that can be processed per unit time is more than twice that of the traditional dryer.

2. Advanced manufacturing technology and reasonable operation parameters can reduce the coal consumption and power consumption of the equipment by 30% in operation, and save more than 5 energy consumption costs for customers during operation.

3. The equipment can operate uniformly and continuously, with high drying efficiency and high output.

4. The sealing performance is good, the cold air and dust overflow are avoided, and the working environment is improved.

Red Star manufacturers can provide services for customers

The equipment produced by Red Star manufacturer not only ensures its high quality, but also provides customers with more perfect and comprehensive services, which can make customers feel more at ease in later production. The specific services provided by the manufacturer for customers include:

1. In the early stage, according to the nature of materials dried by customers and the demand for production, we can make purchase plan or customized equipment for customers free of charge.

2. In the medium term, it can ensure that the customer can put the equipment into production within the specified time, and some teams of the manufacturer can install and debug the equipment purchased by the customer, so as to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the equipment in the operation, and reduce the failure rate of the equipment in the operation.

3. In the later stage, customers are reminded to maintain the equipment by telephone or e-mail regularly, and the manufacturer will irregularly carry out the maintenance for the operators of the enterprise, so that the users can benefit more from the operation.

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The mineral powder dryer sold by Hongxing machine has a long service life, advanced and high quality. Due to the scientific pricing mechanism of the manufacturer, the price positioning of the equipment is relatively reasonable. Users who want to know the prices and parameters of the mineral powder dryer and other equipment can click the "online consultation" on the right or call the company's free service telephone number 0371-67772626 for detailed consultation.

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