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Structure and working principle of mine dryer

Mine dryer also known as rotary dryer, common in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement and other industries, for slag, clay, steel slag, hematite and other materials with large water content has better drying, operation can create greater economic and social profits for customers, mining dryer structure and operation principle how, we will say in detail below.

 Mine dryer

Structure diagram of mine dryer

The mine dryer adopts advanced manufacturing technology, selects raw materials with high wear resistance and strong compression resistance. The dryer manufactured has high performance, and is more time-saving and labor-saving in operation, which brings great convenience to customers. Please see the following figure for the main structure of mine dryer, or obtain the detailed information of mine dryer 0371-67772626 by telephone.

 Structure diagram of dryer

Working principle of mine dryer

1. The material with high moisture content is first sent to hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator;

2. The feeding machine of the hopper enters the feeding end through the feeding pipe, in which the slope of the feeding pipe is greater than the natural inclination angle of the material, so as to facilitate the smooth flow of the material into the dryer;

3. The dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder with a certain angle with the horizontal line. The material enters from the cylinder and then runs to the lower end under the action of rotation and gravity;

4. In the process of moving forward, the wet material will directly or indirectly contact the heat carrier, so that the wet material can be dried;

5. The dried materials are sent to the finished product pile under the action of the conveyor.

Advantages of mine dryer

1. The operation parameters are reasonable and the energy consumption is low;

2. High drying efficiency, strong continuity and large output;

3. The structure is simple and easy to operate;

4. Good sealing, low carbon and environmental protection;

5. It has strong adaptability and wide application range;

6. Long life, operation.

 Dryer operation site

 Factory workshop

The commonly used models of mine dryers sold in the market are φ 1.5x14, φ 2.2x12, φ 2.4x22, and φ 3.2x25. They have different cylinder volume and production capacity, and can bring different benefits to customers in operation. Customers should choose and buy according to the actual production situation. Red Star factory is a large-scale and comprehensive mining machinery manufacturer. The price of the equipment is reasonable and high, which can make the buyer recover the cost in a short time. Therefore, the Red Star manufacturer has a large market at home and abroad, and the equipment has been recognized by customers.

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