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Output and price of single stage crusher

Picture of single section crusher

 Single stage crusher

 Application field of single stage hammer crusher

Single stage crusher Single stage hammer crusher is an efficient and energy-saving crushing equipment, which can crush large ore to the required particle size at one time and simplify the process and operation , mainly used in cement production crusher, large aggregate production and other engineering projects, single stage crusher output and price is the customer in the purchase of equipment to pay more attention to the problem, the following to the single stage crusher output and its price briefly said.

Factors affecting the output of single stage crusher

1. Humidity of material

If the moisture content of the equipment is too high, it may affect the operation of the equipment.

2. Model of equipment

For the same equipment, different models can handle different amounts of materials per unit time. If you want to produce 200 tons of equipment, you use 150 tons of equipment. This will not only speed up the loss of the equipment, but also affect the output.

3. Hardness of material

Materials with different hardness need different processing equipment. If the hardness is too high, it will cause serious wear and tear of the equipment, which will shorten the service life of the equipment and reduce the output.

4. Viscosity of material

When handling materials, if the viscosity is too high, it will cause wall sticking phenomenon, which will reduce the output of the equipment (when processing materials with high viscosity, if other equipment cannot be selected, the internal materials shall be cleaned timely when crushing materials).

 Close up view of single section crusher

Price of single stage crusher

The prices of single stage crushers sold in the market are different, and the main factors leading to the different equipment prices are the type, model and manufacturer of the single stage crusher. If customers want to buy equipment with higher cost performance, they need to purchase the equipment produced by multiple manufacturers Compare the price and the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer, and then select the better one. If you want to know the quotation and other parameters of the single stage crusher, you can click "online consultation".

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