Is it expensive to invest in a rotary kiln


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Is it expensive to invest in a rotary kiln

Rotary kiln As the equipment mainly used for calcining materials, also known as calcining kiln, rotary kiln has great application value in cement production line. The calcined materials mainly include cement clinker, bauxite, active lime, aluminum hydroxide, etc., which is a large demand equipment in the mining and metallurgical industry. Is it expensive to invest in a rotary kiln? The specific analysis of which factors will affect the cost input is as follows.

 Rotary kiln

 Installation site of rotary kiln

Factors causing different investment cost of rotary kiln

1. Direct factors

(1) Equipment

How much benefit a device can create depends on its level. The higher the equipment is, the more profit it can bring to customers.

(2) Manufacturing cost

Manufacturing cost mainly includes water and electricity cost, cost, labor cost and raw material cost. They will fluctuate due to the influence of market factors, and then make the cost of equipment different.

2. Indirect factors

(1) Region

There are many domestic rotary kiln manufacturers, but they are distributed in different regions. Due to the differences of regional economic development level and price, the total cost of manufacturing rotary kiln is different.

(2) Model

There are dozens of rotary kiln models, which can meet the production needs of different enterprise users. Due to different models, the raw materials and production process of the equipment are poor, so the investment cost of customers to buy rotary kiln is different.

 Panorama of cement production line

Rotary kiln in cement production line

Whether the investment is high or not

Mr. Zhang of Shizuishan, Ningxia, said that he felt that it was very high to invest in a rotary kiln. He bought a rotary kiln equipment in a small enterprise in Shandong Province two years ago. At that time, because the price of the equipment was low, he bought it there. At that time, he still felt that he had invested in a rotary kiln Investment in a rotary kiln costs so much less than others, but later in use, there are always problems with the equipment, and the after-sales service is poor, which not only delays the construction period, but also spends more than a dozen on replacing equipment parts and equipment maintenance in less than one year.

Mr. Guo from Nanning, Guangxi felt that the cost of investing in a rotary kiln was very low. He bought a rotary kiln equipment with a daily output of 1300 tons at Hongxing Machinery in Henan Province under the introduction of a friend. The price was 5-10 percentage points lower than the market quotation. It took less than one time to book, install and run the equipment. Moreover, the service provided by the manufacturer was very considerate. Some points I didn't expect. Now the equipment has been running for more than a year, with low energy consumption, high calcination, small wear and stable operation. In this year, the equipment basically has no fault. Compared with other enterprises, the maintenance cost is saved by nearly 10. Red Star rotary kiln price consultation telephone 0371-67772626.

To sum up, the cost of investment in a rotary kiln is not high, not only from the price of equipment, but also from the comprehensive comparison of equipment price, service, etc., and long-term consideration.

 Operation site of Hongxing rotary kiln

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