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Build green mining machine, protect beautiful earth home

In order to protect our beautiful earth homeland, everyone has the responsibility to contribute his own strength. As a cutting-edge enterprise in the mining machinery industry, Henan Hongxing Machinery can not slack off. We will take environmental protection as the primary goal, produce green and environmental protection large-scale machines, and penetrate green and environmental protection into every link of our production and life.

The increasingly serious environmental problems and the imminent modernization have become a pair of contradictory factors in today's society. The continuous depletion of energy resources, air and river pollution, and greenhouse effect are more and more around us, and the factors leading to these environmental problems are the continuous source of industrial construction, so we want to start from the top For environmental problems, the effective way is to improve the production methods of industrial construction.

How to improve the production method of industrial construction? The first is to improve the machine used in industrial production, so as to improve its work efficiency and increase the processing flow of the machine for discharge, so that the process can be improved The pollution problem of industrial construction is particularly important for large-scale mining machines. Our company actively responds to the green environmental protection construction and improves the structure of our products to make better use of mine materials and save limited mine resources. In terms of power and energy, our company adopts advanced power machinery, which effectively improves the production efficiency of the machine; at the end of the production line, it adopts an effective discharge treatment process to reduce the emission of pollution dust.

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