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Brief introduction of rare earth ore dryer

Rare earth minerals exist mainly in the form of minerals in the earth's crust

1. As the basic component element of minerals;

2. Rare earth occurs in mineral lattice in the form of ionic compounds;

3. An essential component of a mineral.

 Rare earth ore

Rare earth ore dryer is a machine that dries all kinds of rare earth ores. The machine is generally used before or after the beneficiation of rare-earth ores. Before mineral processing, rare-earth ores can be heated and dried by the rare-earth ore dryer first, and the surplus impurities are roughly screened. After beneficiation, because the selection of rare earth ore is generally through The flotation machine Therefore, in order to get dry rare earth ore, the finished ore should be dried by rare earth ore dryer. In this way, the efficiency of mineral processing is improved and high-quality rare earth resources are obtained.


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