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Bright future of construction sand production line

With the increasingly serious environmental problems, many places have been banned from sand mining projects, but more and more urban construction needs a lot of sand and stone materials, which forms a pair of inevitable contradictions, how to resolve this group of contradictions? No doubt, the method is to gradually replace natural sand mining with industrial sand, which can completely solve the contradiction and bring good economic benefits to the society, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Production site of construction sand production line

 production line

The construction sand production line generally consists of Vibrating feeder Jaw crusher Direct impact crusher( System sand machine )、 Vibration sieve Sand washing machine , belt conveyor, centralized electric control and other major equipment.

General process of construction sand production line

The raw sand and gravel are transported to the vibrating feeder through the conveyor, and then transported to the jaw crusher for preliminary crushing through the elevator. The stones that fail to meet the requirements will be subject to secondary crushing by crushing equipment, and the stones meeting the requirements will be sent to the sand machine through the conveyor, and then the sand making machine will enter the vibrating screen for vibration screening, and then the sand washing machine will be used for cleaning after screening The sand and stone after washing is the finished sand and stone.

 Process flow chart of sand production line

Compared with natural sand mining, industrial sand making has many advantages It is much higher than the products obtained by natural sand mining. Industrial sand has uniform material, clean sand particles, no mud, and has a good grade in the grain shape, which has a very wide use space. Second, the cost of natural sand mining is higher and higher. With the depletion of some natural sand resources and the government's macro-control, the cost of natural sand mining is higher and higher, and the market is getting smaller and smaller year by year On the contrary, industrial sand with superior quality is more and more popular among builders.

It is not difficult to see that it is inevitable that industrial sand production will completely replace natural sand mining, and the sand and stone production industry will become a hot industry, and the future of construction sand production line will be infinitely beautiful. Henan Hongxing Machinery has a complete set of mature and advanced process flow and scheme for the construction sand production line. With its own high-quality equipment, it will bring high return on investment to customers.

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