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Introduce you to bentonite dryer

Bentonite is a kind of clay rock, also known as montmorillonite clay rock. It often contains a small amount of illite, kaolinite, halloysite, chlorite, zeolite, quartz, feldspar, calcite, etc.; it is generally white and light yellow, and appears light gray, light green, pink, brown red, brick red, gray black, etc. due to the change of iron content; it has wax like, clay like or grease luster; some bentonite is loose as soil, and some are dense and hard. The main chemical components are silica, alumina and water, and also contain iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and other elements.

Application of Bentonite

Because of its good physical and chemical properties, bentonite has been widely used“ ”Clay can be used as binder, suspending agent, thixotropic agent, stabilizer, purifying decolorizing agent, filling material, feed, catalyst, etc. it is widely used in petroleum exploitation, directional crossing, steel casting, metallurgical pellet, chemical coating, compound fertilizer, sizing, rubber, plastic, papermaking, purified water, moisture absorbent, pesticide and other fields.


Introduction of bentonite dryer

There are many kinds of mineral processing methods for bentonite. Bentonite dryer is indispensable in bentonite beneficiation drying equipment According to the specific characteristics of bentonite, the Structure of dryer It is designed for the influence of bentonite yield and so on. According to the characteristics of bentonite materials, the dryer has been revamped to improve the filling rate and prolong the residence time of materials in the cylinder, A new combined lifting device is adopted to make the material free of air hole, so as to increase the contact area between bentonite particles and hot air, so that the bentonite can fully exchange heat and dehydrate; improve the heat utilization rate and increase the output; according to the grain size requirement of the discharging material, chain or short steel pipe is added to play the role of heat transfer, crushing and air blocking, and the plate chain and suspension are added in the cylinder Chain, which not only enhances its heat transfer, but also effectively prevents the lifting plate from sticking, enhances the crushing function of materials, making it difficult to form large pellets.


Characteristics of bentonite dryer

1. Compared with the traditional dryer, the thermal efficiency is increased by 40% - 50%, and the power consumption is reduced by about 45%.

2. It adopts big and small gears to drive, which is more stable and reliable.

3. A variety of circumferentially raised materials are distributed to effectively control the drying time. Dry well.  

4. The final flow rate can be easily controlled according to the user's needs.

5. The crushing device is added to prevent sticking effectively, which makes it difficult to form large pellets and does not affect normal production.

6. Low outlet temperature, dust removal equipment for a long time, continuous production for the next process.

7. The new type of energy-saving hot blast stove has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, thermal control, simple operation and coal consumption reduction of about 60%.

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