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Discussion on rotary double drum dryer

Dryer plays an important role in the production of industrial grinding powder, which directly affects the quality of industrial products. Now various dryer manufacturers have produced various types of dryers for industrial production, but in comparison, only Henan Red Star Machine The rotary double drum dryer produced by the company has better performance. It is also known as the double drum dryer. It has made great innovation and breakthrough on the basis of the single drum dryer structure. It can better exchange materials and hot air flow, and has a wider application range. It can not only be used for the drying of slag, coal, yellow sand and other mining materials, but also can be used for drying Drying of phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer.


Although the dryer manufacturer Dryer type However, the working principle of the rotary double drum dryer is very simple. The temperature at the bottom of the dryer can reach 450 ℃ - 750 ℃. The materials are evenly distributed in the dryer by the elevator through the feeding mouth, crushing and dispersion. The internal hot air flow is generated by the lower hot blast stove, moves from the bottom to the top, contacts with the material, and transfers the heat to the material through heat conduction, convection, radiation and other ways, so that the material temperature rises continuously, and the water is evaporated and discharged, so that the material is dried. Rotary double cylinder dryer has higher thermal efficiency and better energy saving than traditional dryer. The efficiency of the mill is greatly higher than that of the ordinary mill if it is tested scientifically. Coal saving and environmental protection will be significantly improved. Therefore, rotary double cylinder dryer is an ideal grinding and drying equipment.

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