Automatic control of concentration of grinding equipment in concentrator


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Automatic control of concentration of grinding equipment in concentrator

Grinding equipment in Mineral Processing It can be imagined that the grinding efficiency affects the mineral processing efficiency to a certain extent. This paper explores the automatic control of concentration of grinding equipment.

1、 Automatic control of grinding concentration of mill

When the grinding concentration of the mill is low, the pulp viscosity is also small, and the effective concentration of water in the slurry increases, so the impact force and grinding force are strong when the ore falls. However, due to the small ore particles, the mill output does not change much. When the mill concentration increases, the effective concentration of water decreases, the slurry viscosity increases, and the mineral particles adhering around the water medium increase. At the same grinding rate, the grinding efficiency increases and the mill output increases. However, when the concentration of the mill is too high, the effective concentration of water will be further reduced. Due to the further reduction of pulp density, the viscosity of pulp is too large, and the fluidity of pulp is poor, thus the impact force of grinding medium will be weakened, the grinding rate will be reduced, and the mill output will be reduced. Therefore, when other conditions remain unchanged, it is necessary to make the mill work stably in a suitable area to improve the efficiency of the mill.


2、 Principle of grinding concentration automatic control

When the system works, the feed water is controlled according to the current feed rate ratio, and the electric valve and flowmeter are installed on the water supply pipeline to form the closed-loop control of water supply. When the concentration changes, the output of the concentration controller will modify the proportional coefficient K, thus modifying the given value of the feed water closed-loop. The feed water closed-loop timely adjusts the water supply quantity to ensure the relative stability of the concentration. The feed concentration control principle is shown in the figure below.

3、 Instrument selection

1. Flow detection: split type electromagnetic flowmeter is selected for water flow detection.

2. Regulating valve: electric control valve is selected for water regulation.

3. Pulp concentration detection: select ultrasonic concentration meter, the selection of automatic instrument must be suitable for the site requirements of mineral processing process, and after long-term operation, practical, reliable and mature products. The feed water flow meter adopts intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter. It is an electromagnetic induction flow meter, which is composed of sensors and intelligent signal conversion. It can measure the volume flow rate of all kinds of liquid to the point, with high precision and good stability, and the influence of the measured liquid stability, pressure, density and conductivity changes.

4、 PLC control system

The control system adopts the distributed control mode of distributed control and centralized management. The upper computer of the distributed control system uses configuration and programming for real-time monitoring, and the lower computer uses intelligent analog input module to collect the field data. Through the PLC control system, the data exchange between the upper computer and the lower computer, and the upper computer monitors the site in real time. When the system is ready for operation, the program starts to initialize, that is, the switch analog I / O is configured to read various parameters; then the PLC system automatically adjusts the feed water of the ball mill with constant ore feeding value.

The automatic control of grinding concentration replaces the manual on-line operation of production equipment, reduces the labor intensity of manual and improves the beneficiation efficiency, so the system has a good use value.

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