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Functions and advantages of three drum dryer

Three cylinder dryer It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving product based on the analysis of market demand trend and the improvement of single drum dryer. After a certain period of practical application, it has achieved good use.

Advantages of three cylinder dryer

The three drum dryer improves the internal structure of the original single drum dryer, increases the pre drying time of wet materials before entering the machine and extends the drying time of wet materials in the dryer. Combined with sealing, moisturizing and reasonable supporting measures, the production capacity of the three drum dryer is increased by 50-80% compared with the original single drum dryer, and the evaporation intensity per unit volume can reach 120-180 kg / L However, the standard coal consumption is only 6-8 kg / T.

 Three cylinder dryer

The three drum dryer is advanced, the operation parameters are reasonable, and the operation is simple and feasible. It can be widely used in slag, clay, coal, iron powder, mineral powder and other mixed materials in various industries, dry mixed mortar and yellow sand in construction industry, and raw materials drying in chemical industry and casting industry.

 Three cylinder dryer

Function of three cylinder dryer

1. The investment required for the equipment is 1 / 6 of the imported products.

2. The final moisture content of the material is less than 0.5%, which is the product of dry mixed mortar and slag powder production line.

3. The thermal efficiency of the self insulation cylinder is as high as 70% (the thermal efficiency of the traditional single drum dryer is only 35%), which improves the thermal efficiency by 35%.

4. Fuel can adapt to coal, oil and gas. It can dry block material, granular material and powder material below 20 mm.

5. Compared with the single drum dryer, the land occupation is reduced by about 50%, the civil engineering investment is reduced by about 50%, and the power consumption is reduced by 60%.

6. The final moisture index can be easily controlled according to the user's requirements.

The equipment has a long time of dust removal and low air temperature.

8. It doesn't need to be driven by big and small gears, and adopts supporting wheel transmission.

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