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Let you know tin ore powder dryer

Tin deposits in China are characterized by primary tin deposits, while placer tin deposits are of secondary importance. In the total reserves of China, primary tin ore accounts for 80% and placer tin ore only accounts for 16%. China is one of the countries rich in tin resources in the world. There are 293 proved ore producing areas, with a total reserve of 4.07 million tons of tin, ranking second in the world. Tin deposits are distributed in 15 provinces (regions), with Guangxi and Yunnan provinces (regions) having more reserves, accounting for 32.9% and 31.4% of the national total, followed by Hunan, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia and Jiangxi, and the above six provinces (regions) account for 93% of the country's total reserves.

Tin ore reserves are so large that the tin ore powder dryer has a broad market prospect. The recoverable grade of tin ore is generally low, about 0.1% can be mined, and the grade of 0.5 is very good. In order to extract metal tin from tin ore, it is necessary to enrich tin concentrate with tin grade above 50 or 60 before the next refining process can be carried out. Generally, gravity separation can be used.

 Tin ore

Tin is mainly used to make tinplate, tin alloy, in addition to the production of various tin compounds, pesticides, fungicides and drugs. The toxicity of tin and its inorganic compounds is less than that of tin organic compounds. The common tin compounds are divalent and tetravalent. Bivalent tin is a strong reducing agent, which is rarely seen in natural water. The solubility of tin compounds is high in acidic and alkaline water, but very low in natural water with pH value of 6-9. Methyltin is easy to volatilize, and often escape into the atmosphere from water, soil and organism. Under anoxic conditions, tin can be methylated by bacteria. The content of tin in soil varies greatly, which is related to the pollution status of soil and tin content in mother rock.

Hongxing tin ore powder dryer is a machine for drying tin ore powder. It has high drying efficiency and can manually adjust the drying temperature. It is an essential equipment for tin ore powder drying.

 Tin ore powder dryer

After the wet materials are put into operation from one end of the dryer, the materials are evenly distributed and dispersed in the dryer under the overturning of the plate reading device which is evenly distributed in the inner cylinder, and fully contacts with the hot air of parallel flow (countercurrent), which speeds up the driving force of drying and mass transfer. In the drying process, the material can move to the star discharge valve at the other end of the dryer to discharge the finished product under the action of inclined plate and hot air flow.

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