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Lubricating materials for sand dryer

Sand Dryer At present, gas lubricating materials are mainly used in aviation, aerospace and some precision instruments. In liquid and plastid lubricating materials, lubricating grease made from mineral oil and mineral oil thickening is widely used because of its stable source and low price. Animal and vegetable oils are mainly used as additives of lubricating oils and lubricating parts with special requirements.

 Sand Dryer

Types of lubricating materials for sand dryer

1) Gas lubrication materials, such as air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide used in gas bearings.

2) Liquid lubricating materials, such as various animal, vegetable oil and mineral oil, emulsion and water, etc. In recent years, synthetic lubricants with excellent performance have developed rapidly.

3) Plastic body and semi fluid lubricating materials, such as animal grease, mineral grease and semi fluid grease developed in recent years.

4) Solid lubricating materials, such as graphite, disulfide key, tungsten disulfide, boron nitride and tetraethylene, etc.


The lubricating material should be able to meet the lubrication requirements

1) Lower friction coefficient, so as to reduce the power consumption, reduce the wear rate and improve the service life of the equipment.

2) It has good adsorption and wedging ability, so that it can penetrate into the tiny gap of friction pair, and can be firmly attached to the friction surface, which is not easy to be scraped off by the shear force formed by relative movement.

3) It has a certain cohesive force (education degree), so that it can resist large pressure without being extruded from the friction pair, so as to maintain sufficient lubricating film thickness.

4) It has high purity and anti-oxidation stability. It has no abrasiveness and corrosivity. It can not be deteriorated by contacting water or air to form acidic compounds or gum asphalt.

Generally, sand dryer manufacturers have attached lubrication maintenance procedures for their equipment, which specifies the lubricating materials and lubrication methods. However, when the installation and service conditions of the equipment are changed, the original lubrication materials and methods may not be suitable. On the other hand, with the development of science, especially in recent years, the research and development of tribology is very fast, new lubricating materials and lubrication methods are constantly emerging. In order to meet the needs of lubrication and lubrication design of sand dryer, we are required to learn and master the performance, selection and use of various lubricating materials.

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