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How to reset the displaced tyre of rotary kiln?

stay Rotary kiln In the process of operation, one of the common faults of the tyre is the displacement of the tyre. Due to the relative sliding between the tyre and the backing plate, the block or retaining ring at both ends of the base plate is worn. The aggravation of the wear leads to the displacement of the tyre, which has a great impact on the normal operation of the rotary kiln. Therefore, it is necessary to reset the displacement of the tire. The specific method is described below.

 Rotary kiln

1. At the first gear support to be reset, jack up the cylinder, weld a steel support at 180 degrees above and below the cylinder, place a 20 ~ 50t jack, and shake the jack at the same time to push and reset the tire.

2. At the first gear support which needs to be reset, weld three steel supports on the cylinder in the circumferential direction, and then put a 20 ~ 50t Jack each to rotate the kiln at a slow speed. In the process of rotation, shake the jack on the upper part of the cylinder to push the tyre back.

3. Four nuts with bolts are welded equivalently on the wheel base plate at the first gear support to be reset, and a supporting steel plate is welded on both sides of each nut (pay attention not to tilt the nut), and rotate the kiln slowly; during the kiln rotation, four bolts are successively tightened at the side of the cylinder rotating out of the supporting wheel, and the pulley is pushed by the bolt; at the same time, the kiln should be controlled according to the reset direction of the tyre To make the tyre reset faster.

4. At the first gear support, according to the reset direction of the tyre, the two supporting wheels are adjusted into a figure of eight shape. Under the normal working condition of the kiln, the tyre can be reset by using the axial speed after the deflection of the tyre.

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